What’s In Your Gym Bag, Isaac?


What do you carry your stuff in?

A drawstring bag (Vanderbilt Division of Student Life)

What’s in your bag?

Under armor wrist sweatbands, White Nike Romaleos 2 with a pink lace swap, Timex Ironman “Shock”, Rogue S-1 Short Handle jump rope, knee sleeves, Lilly’s purple ball (for playing fetch, not rolling out), band-aids, a Ped-Egg (you have to take care of your hands!), athletic tape, a normal blender bottle (strawberry protein, creatine), a small blender bottle (pre-workout) and a sweet potato (post-workout).

Anything that you are particularly fond of?

My sweet potato! Duh.

What is on your wish list?

I would love to have a heart rate monitor!


Thanks Isaac (FCF)!

What’s In YOUR Gym Bag is our take on an athlete’s everyday carry, or small collection of gear/tools/clothing that are carried on a daily basis to assist your fitness endeavors in the gym at Foundation CrossFit/CrossFit SLU and abroad.

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