Volume Week 4/6 though 4/11


On Friday we celebrated First Friday and said bye-for-now to Megan as she and her wife Sara take on the Pacific Crest Trail for the next six months or so!

Also: congrats to our recent Fast Track Graduates! Say hi to Ryan, Tony, Taylor, and Mika!



– back squats 2×5, 4×3
– double under/pushup/wall ball/c2b pullup/dip
– EMOM snatch, clean, deadlift
– dynamax wheels
– muscle-up progressions
– back squats 2×5, 4×3
– the 2015 Festivus Games events
– Team Workout Saturday

Happy Volume Week! We’re going to do a lot of reps for a lot of time this week. Value your recovery: eat well and plenty, get as much rest and sleep as necessary, stay hydrated, take your fish oil, and mobilize your issues before they become legitimate problems.


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