Volume Week 3/2 through 3/7


We wrapped the weekend up with some badasses putting up some new personal records and giving it their all. Too legit. Pictured above were those at the end, but we’ll START with a group picture next time- which is this coming Saturday at FCF. 10:30am doors open. 11am pow wow. #15point2

– back squats 6×5
– burpee/run/kettlebell swing
– back squats 1×3, 1×2, 3×1
– 3-2-1-part-pausing snatch/slam ball EMOM
– turkish get-ups
– weighted carry/situps/kb dead clean/rolling burpee
– CGO 15.2

We’re starting Volume Week off with a bang: the classic CrossFit workout “FIGHT GONE BAD”. Nothing like 300+ reps on your Monday! Tuesday and Wednesday you’ll go back-to-back with our back squats, Wednesday being a light day. You’ll have another day with kettles before we watching the announcement of 15.2. Friday we’ll all do what’s revealed Thursday night, and then Kelsi’s favorite workout “DIANNIE” on Saturday! Of course, if it doesn’t match up too well with 15.2

Speaking of which, any predictions on what the second workout of the 2015 Open will be?

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