Thanksgiving Week 11/24 through 11/29


– Thursday 11/27: 10am only at FCF, CFSLU closed. All FCFCFSLU athletes are welcome to that 10am class!
– Friday 11/28: 9am, 10am, and 11am for both FCF and CFSLU

We are having a Black Friday week sale at both gyms. It today (11/24) through Saturday (11/29). We will run these retail sheets next Monday, December 1st.

FCFCFSLU Black Friday Week Sale

Everything is 25% off (this includes zip hoodies, Theracanes, Strideline socks, t-shirts, athletic tape, lacrosse balls, compression sleeves, and more). Select items are 50% off:

– Red shirts at SLU
– Neon green shirts at FCF
– All XS and XL items

Apparel will be set up on the Reebok stand this week and will go back to its normal spot next Monday.

To purchase, simply peel off the item sticker and stick it to the retail store sheet.

Training on Tap:
– back squat 5RM
– handstand strength
– push press 1RM
– pullup/t2b/jumping lunges
– front squat 1RM

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