SLU Athlete Spotlight: Steven C. (2/3)

Steven C.

How long have you been with us? What keeps you coming to our gym?
My second year anniversary with Crossfit SLU was Aug 2014. Its the community and friends that keeps me coming to the gym. Given that my office has moved to the U-District, the pull of the gym is stronger. I can’t image switching to another gym.

What class time do you usually go to?
Generally during the evening sessions after 5:00.

Do you have a favorite CrossFit exercise? Least favorite?
Clean & Jerks are by far my favorite workout, thus I am a fan of Grace. Any workout with wall balls is my least favorite. They are so brutal.

What’s your most recent PR?
132 kg back squat is my most recent PR. There was a time I back squatted 140 kg during a Verses match, but that is crazy talk.

What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? How has your performance changed with your increased fitness?
I’m loving relay races suddenly. Skiing and social dancing are other outside-the-gym activities I am interested to increasing. Having increased fitness has granted greater control over my body and awareness of what I can physically achieve. My 2012 self would never have imagined all the things I am doing now.