SLU Athlete Spotlight: Rica R. (1/3)

-Are you from Seattle? If not, where are you originally from?

San Francisco! Everyone should know that by now ;)image003

-When is your birthday?

February 17.. not sure if I really have the personality traits of an Aquarius though? Idk, everyone else would know better than I.

-What do you do for work?

I buy baby clothes. Literally. (aka Buyer in the Infant division at zulily)

-What do you like to do for fun?

Talk about opening a can of worms.. where do I start?! I love food so wining and dining with loved ones is at the top of the list, and duh, baseball. Man I can’t wait for summer because everything under the sun is fun. Music festivals and live shows are probably my owning my bank account right now.

-What made you decide to give CrossFit a try? How long have you been with us?

My friend Joe back home kept telling me I’d like it and my girlfriend Noelle’s triceps convinced me. I woke up one Saturday morning at 10:45 and ran over to the last 11 am orientation for the May Foundations class! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY BEEN 11 MONTHS!!!

-What is the best thing about CrossFit SLU?

The community, hands down. My gym fam make it seem like the Seattle Freeze isn’t real ;) I’ve made some life-long friends and memories that I’ll forever cherish. Shout out to THE CIRCLE OF TRUST! <3image018