Skills Week 4/27 through 5/2

LYNNEatSLU-April2015-32Noor, Kelsi, Stacey, and Lisa bench pressing in LYNNE

Hope you guys had a fantastics weekend! Time to get back to work- FCF will slowly be put back together this week. Just remember that FCF is CLOSED on Saturday 5/2. All FCF athletes are welcome to join in the 9am, 10am, or 11am classes at CrossFit SLU!

Other than that we have our FINAL First Friday at CFSLU on 5/1. Come by and join us for a workout and some refreshments afterwards.

– front squat 1RM
– run/lunge/muscle-up
– EMOM hang snatch, hang clean
– the “40/40″ (front squats, HSPU)
– muscle-up drills
– row/wall ball/c2b pullups
– deadlifts/burpee shuttle runs for FCF
– deadlifts/rope climbs for CFSLU
– team workout at CFSLU since FCF is closed!

This Skills Week brings about a new block of programming. We’ll be refining some of your techniques with medium/high-level skills such as muscle-ups, hang snatches and cleans, handstand pushups, shuttle runs, rope climbs, and literal team work! Bring your focus to classes and know that we value EFFORT over INTENSITY for everything this week.

You’ll notice longer workouts being programmed and that’s simply for those who want to build some metabolism-burning work. If your goal is more strength & power we suggest scaling so that you workouts are fast, intense, and really heavy.

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