Skills Week 1/26 through 1/31

CompEx 24JAN2015CompEx squad

We have two* upcoming events which we have tailored our training to!

1. The 2015 CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit season begins with this event and much of each gym’s programming builds up to this moment. Compete with the world at large and see where you stack up! Register for this and complete the online judges course and we’ll take off $20 your April membership dues! I believe there is much knowledge in being able to see, judge, and measure fitness so I’ll gladly compensate you for being a better-educated athlete.

(More on how we’ll perform and celebrate our fitness in a post later this week.)

2. The Fesitvus Games – Seattle

“A competition for the rest of us” is how the Festivus Games describes itself. It is a functional fitness competition for novice and intermediate athletes and they even have a list of over-qualifications. We hosted our first FG in October of last year to great success and had many athletes participate- some even saw the finals and then the podium! We’ll be hosting it again this coming April at CrossFit SLU!

Test your fitness! See more here.

FCFCFSLU-LateSummer2014_0004Ginny C, CFSLU


– back squat 1×20
– kip/deadlift/hang power clean
– snatch complex/run
– handstand development
– push jerk/toes-to-bar
– back squat 1×20
– 30 muscle-ups
– CGO 14.2 (OHS/c2b pullups)
– celebration workout!


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Sign up and register for the 2015 CrossFit Games Open here!