Self-Defense: ATM Part 2 with Tony Blauer

Your safety to and from the gym (as well as your everyday life) are obviously very important. Every person should know some basic self-defense, how to punch/kick/strike properly, and situational awareness- especially in neighborhoods like ours.

Self-defense isn’t all about combat and striking- the best countermeasure to a bad situation is to avoid it in the first place. Stop walking around with headphones on and don’t flaunt any of your expensive gear.

Also instead of using an ATM, why not just go to a grocery store and get cash back when in need? Hydration is important- buy a coconut water and hit ‘cash back’ prompts during checkout. Easy. Pocket it quickly, don’t draw attention to yourself, and go about your day.

For more information about self-defense, check out the CrossFit Defense youtube playlist, or go see our friends at GUARDIAN SEATTLE in Ballard.

Here is the original ATM Strategy video: