• We will not cap any class, but everyone must do their part and RSVP for transparency purposes. This allows the staff to prepare so that we can provide you quality instruction and attention.
  • There is no “open gym” time at either of our facilities.
  • Leave your ego at the door. It will never benefit you in the gym. There’s always someone better than you. We’re okay knowing we’re not the best.
  • Always volunteer to go first, and never do the math.
  • Treat the equipment with respect. Put things down gently- drop equipment out of necessity, not as a convenience. Our equipment was designed to take a beating, but the more often we have to replace equipment, the more we’re going to charge for our services.
  • Show up, have fun. The reason we’re continue putting ourselves through all of this hard work is because it’s worth it. We work hard, but we have a lot of fun doing it. Don’t be so serious in class- we know are jokes are bad but you can entertain us a little, can’t you?
  • Take ownership. This is your gym, and you want to continue the evolution of the facility, don’t you? If you see something, say something. Whether it’s someone lifting with a rounded back, if we’re running low on toilet paper, if we need more pens for the journals, or if you just set a PR, please let us know!