Memorial Day Week 5/25 through 5/30


This weekend marks the last week of operation at CrossFit SLU, and it’s a very short week because of the holiday: MURPH Monday through Thursday (no Friday classes at CFSLU, but we’ll open up all FCF classes) so be prepared.

SLU invitation

If you’re in for MURPH be mindful of how you feel when squatting later this week.

Come out to the CFSLU Farewell Party this Friday 5/29 at 6:30pm. Feel free to dress up! Hang out with these two:

Tony & Kris rocking their ‘Founding Athlete’ shirts


– Hatch Squat Cycle W4D1
– jerk/t2b
– turkish get-ups
– power swings, burpees/kb dead snatch, power swings
– Hatch Squat Cycle W4D2
– chipper

Think of this week as Max Week Part 2/Skills Week Part 1. Last week was about the short, hard sprints- this week we go heavy and test some longer metcons, but with a focus on some movements you haven’t seen in a while.


The Pacific, California and East regionals all wrapped up yesterday. You can check out all the footage, results, and other news coming out at

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