Max Week 3/16 through 3/21

CGO15point3Crew at the conclusion of Pi Day/CGO 15.3 at CrossFit SLU


– CGO 15.4 at FCF: this Saturday 3/21 at 11am (no regular class at that time)
– FESTIVUS GAMES: Saturday 4/18
Seattle Affiliate League: Sundays 4/12, 4/19, 4/26


– back squat 1RM
– 100 pullups/30 muscle-ups
– snatch 1RM
– clean 1RM
– deadlift 1RM
– tabata front squats
– 2 minutes max calories AirDyne
– 500m row for time
– CGO 15.4

It’s max week and that means we’re testing some new things and retesting some old things. You may still be sore from last week’s 15.3, but continue the recovery process the best ways you can: resting (and actively resting), eating enough food to fuel the body, and drinking plenty of fluids.

We’ll be testing a lot of lifts so it will be helpful to have all the tools you need handy: lifting shoes, knee sleeves, lifting belt, and athletic tape. If you don’t care for any of that, just make sure to rock flat footwear for stability and support!



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Tina and I started a podcast this past weekend! Check it out!

Future episodes will definitely contain the things happening and coming up with our gyms too, so keep an eye out.