Max Week 2/16 through 2/21

FCFCFSLU Staff Gathering 15FEB2015Most of the FCFCFSLU Team

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with the beautiful Seattle weather we had. The staff met up for some eats to cap off the weekend and to start off the year right.

It’s MAX WEEK so we plan to test plenty of different lifts. Please plan and prepare accordingly! The CrossFit Games Open is almost upon us and you still have time to register (DO THAT HERE) to join your respective Affiliate Team (Foundation CrossFit / CrossFit SLU). On the fence? We’ve provided plenty of information and motivation below in the article section.

This coming Thursday will also be the High-Cycle Clinic at CrossFit SLU beginning at 5:30pm for two hours. Come and learn techniques that yield faster barbell movement and efficiency.

More information can be found here.
Foundation CrossFit athletes register for the clinic here.
CrossFit SLU athletes can register for the clinic here.


– back squat 1RM
– chest-to-bar HELEN
– heavy snatch
– Outlaw Barbell Efficiency Test
– heavy clean & jerk
– real “GRACE”
– final handstand day. find your max hold freestanding/chest-to-wall/back-to-wall, handstand walk, etc
CrossFit Total (back squat 1RM, press 1RM, deadlift 1RM)
CGO 14.5

It’s MAX WEEK. We’re testing to set precedent for the upcoming CrossFit Games Open season. We will also have percentage-based back squats and presses starting next week, so set those records! If you are here on Monday and Thursday you’ll have to chance to squat twice OR back squat on Monday and then front squat on Tuesday.

Much of the work this week is similar to last week because we wanted you to have some familiarity going into this week. Bring in the confidence that you know how to perform- we just want you to push it and complete it all faster and harder.


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