Foundation CrossFit – Seattle 2015-05-22 16:00:31

One more week to get all the PRs . . .

11080398_804674502942451_3173050869869667690_oAndrew, Megan, & Tony demonstrate how we feel about that.

We love ya’ll.


CrossFit SLU has given me . . . 

“…I’ve done my first pull up, kicked up into a handstand, and countless PR’s at CrossFit SLU. I’ve also made amazing friends! I’ve laughed at myself as well as along with others. Hopefully I’ve made a few days better and a lot of people smile. CrossFit SLU has also given me a good reason to drink champagne on Fridays!”

“… a community of people that are passionate about fitness and health, push each other to do things every day that you didn’t think you could accomplish, and positively influence each other.”

“…awareness of the greatness of CrossFit trainers out there. I’ve played many sports, both individual and team, and have had many coaches and trainers, and I feel very fortunate to have worked with the trainers at CrossFit SLU. I wouldn’t trade away any of these interactions. They’ve helped me learn so much about myself and how hard I can actually be pushed, and helped me to learn that I can always push myself harder even though I may think that I can’t.”

“… a variety of ways to improve my health and fitness. I love the offered yoga and mobility sessions, they have been invaluable to me!”

“…fitness, fun, and friendship.”

“…a better knowledge of fitness, my capabilities, diet, and what it takes to get to my fitness goals. Some cool friends and experiences. Hopefully some friends or lasting connections. Lots of new fitness PR’s. Appreciation for good coaches and their knowledge around movement and how to give proper feedback.”

“…you guys killed it each morning. Sorry to see it go!”

“…friends!, Love, squats!!, snatch work, a new way to look at working out, friends! Amazing trainers.”

“…the confidence to attempt a snatch! We never did them at my old box.”

“…proper technique and lifting. I feel my posture has significantly improved and I am much more mindful of optimizing my form for maximum work, strength, and safety.”

“…good workouts. good WOD buddies. a big jump in my DL pr. (and a couple others too).”

“…a great community and many fond memories.”