FCF Athlete Spotlight: Teddy B. (2/3)

Teddy B. (2/3)

-What is your idea of fun?
Winning. And anything that involves wine.

-Current favorite song?
Most of you youngins probably don’t know that before there was a Beyoncé, there was the ultimate grand supreme Miss. Diana. Ross. My all-time favorite song will always and forever be “Someday We’ll Be Together”. Second favorite song of all time is “Reflections” by Miss Ross and the Supremes, and then “Nightshift” by the Commodores. I grew up on Motown.
Spotify says in 2014 I listened to this song the most: Samson et Dalila – Acte II “Mon coeur s’ouvre à ta voix comme s’ouvrent les fleurs.” I just listened to it again 5 times in a row! OMG it’s so good. I love opera — La Traviata being my favorite, of course. My favorite song right this second is Beyoncé’s 7/11, of course.

-Favorite place to go out for dinner?
Stateside is my newest favorite place. We ordered 4 things and it was ALL delicious (why is that so rare?). Their crispy chicken with ginger rice — amazing! And then they have a pine nut tart that is so frickin good! My old favorite is Harvest Vine because tapas are everything. And the Polish home, where I can eat my fill of pierogi, kielbasa, and pickle soup. Fatty McFatterstein.

-How long have you been with us? / What keeps you coming to our gym?
April 1 will be the 2-year anniversary of my first real CrossFit class. I keep coming back because I want abs before I die, so I need to get as many workouts in as possible! But really I like the feeling from completing feats of strength. I want to get stronger and have abs. Abs, mostly.

-What class time do you usually go to?
7am if I wake up in time. 8 if I don’t. 6:30pm if I’m hung over.

-Do you have a favorite CrossFit exercise? Least favorite?
Squats are definitely my favorite. It finally gives my bulbous booty a legitimate purpose that I can talk about in public.
I hate muscle ups. I worked so hard to get a few, and now I can’t do them anymore. I HATE THEM!