Deload Week 4/20 to 4/25


This past Saturday we hosted the spring FESTIVUS GAMES 2015 at CrossFit SLU. Over the course of 6 hours we ran 100 athletes through 3 grueling workouts, and a bonus 4th for the finalists.

We couldn’t be more proud of all of our athletes who competed: Jenny L, Olga S, Alp A, MacGregor H, Phil J, Luke B (who placed 2nd in his division), Katie N, Olivia R, Tracy T, Noor H, Julia A, Frieda E, Anastasia M (who placed 3rd in her division), Megan P, Monica T, Cheryl C, Wendy M, Angie P, Danny M, Teddy B, Jason R, Amin S, and Hannah N!

We also couldn’t have done it without the help of our own badass community, all athletes who call FCFCFSLU home and all of our friends. When we asked for help, you answered. We have received so much positive feedback from this weekend’s visitors and that’s all due to your hard work and awesomeness. Thank you so much for making this event run so smoothly.

I know that both facilities have gone through some changes, but bear with us this week!

– deload back squats
– double unders/situps
– muscle-ups
– EMOM snatch, clean, deadlift (last time for a while!)
– more deload back squats
– burpee-run chipper
– Strict LYNNE
– Team Workout

It’s a weird Deload Week because both facilities are going through some change, so equipment and workspace will be different from what you’re used to- but that’s a good thing because being a CrossFitter prepares you for the known and unknown variables of life!

We’re deloading the back squats this week (but giving them to your twice), which means you’ll have a chance to max out and retest your 1RM soon enough! You’ll have another chance on Wednesday for everyone’s new favorite EMOM snatch/clean/deadlift workout, as well as a strict LYNNE. Saturday will be the usual team workout- this one should also be pretty spicy!

We’ll also be hitting the classic benchmarks one more time and would love for you to REPLY TO OUR COMMENT SECTIONS with your results as I’m compiling the data to create an FCFCFSLU Athletic Levels chart that we can utilize in the future for goal-setting, etc.


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