Deload Week 3/23 through 3/28

CGO15point4-FCF-61the crew post-15.4 this past Saturday

VERSUS VII: The Curtain Call is coming this Saturday 3/28 at CrossFit SLU from 9am to 12pm. The first event will be 15.5, the final workout of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open!

Due to demands, I’ve decided to keep registration open until 11:59pm 3/23¬†TONIGHT! Sign up now to reserve your spot to throw down in the last-ever head-to-head battle for the Golden Hammer!

Reserving your spot will give you heat times, which will be posted after Thursday evening CGO 15.5 announcement. This is the 5th time I’m going to link REGISTRATION FOR VERSUS 7 so that you options on where to click, which all lead the same place:


As of this posting we are at 30 FCF vs 29 CFSLU.


For those officially participating in the 2015 CrossFit Games Open, remember that if you complete ALL workouts AND the Online Judges Course by 5pm this Thursday, you will receive $20 off your April Membership dues!

You can still take the judges course here.

Please email me a copy of the PDF certificate!


– EMOM hang snatches, hang cleans, and clean pulls
– muscle-ups/wall ball
– 500m row, intervals
– a chipper
– CGO 15.5

It’s DELOAD week- we will back off of the volume, but intensity should still remain. We should also have plenty of time for mobilization, so don’t skimp on classes. This past weekend was the penultimate 2015 CGO so we’ve got to prepare for the last one coming Saturday morning, which kicks off VERSUS 7.

Receiving a bunch of positive feedback over the last week’s EMOM made me decide that you’d get that format again! It was already planned for next week, but the workout protocol can really be applied to anything. We will have a chance to work on the muscle-up skill then test those in a muscle-up/wall ball workout reminiscent of CGO 15.3. The benchmark LYNNE appears again. After that one we’ll have another chipper because for whatever reason, people like them. Expect skill level to be high, just like the other week. Finally we’ll have CGO 15.5 on Friday (watch the announcement Thursday at 5pm at and VERSUS 7 on Saturday!


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