CrossFit SLU Transition FAQ

Why are you closing?

The building has been sold and will be torn down for redevelopment into a residential and office complex.

When is this happening?

Our lease has been cut short to May 31, 2015. We have decided to announce our closure early in order to provide ample time for our athletes to decide on next steps.

What are next steps?

We will continue business as usual, as our plan to provide a great CrossFit service will not change. That is our promise to you.

Where will I go for CrossFit after you close?

Over the next several weeks we can provide additional information about CrossFit gyms in the greater Seattle area. Those who are willing and able to attend classes at Foundation CrossFit will be guided through a transfer process to ease the transition, beginning in May.

Won’t Foundation CrossFit classes be overcrowded if we transfer? Will there be enough coaches to provide the same level of attention that we currently receive?

One of the benefits of returning to a single location is that you’ll likely see more coaches in classes. We will retain all staff and increase the number of classes in our schedule, including running longer hours on Saturday and adding Sunday classes.  Our aim has always been to provide a trainer to athlete ratio of 1:10 or better, and that will not change.

Will class sizes be too big?

Our RSVP system currently has a cap for each of our classes, in order to maintain an effective learning environment. After the transition, we will be able to staff most classes with 2 coaches or more. Everyone is required to RSVP anyway, and it has always been standard policy that if you didn’t RSVP for a full class, you may not be able to participate.

Why aren’t you moving to another location?

We have searched for months to consider viable facilities to house a CrossFit gym. We have many requirements specific to our needs, and while it may seem there are some warehouse spaces available nearby, their long-term futures aren’t guaranteed. It would be unfair to our community if we moved, only to announce another building redevelopment and go through this again.

I’m upset/angry/frustrated. Why are you doing this?

Believe us, we are upset too. It wasn’t ever the intention, as we originally signed a 9-year lease and it was cut short by the building sale. This is one of the most difficult decisions we’ve had to make. We have brainstormed many alternatives before coming to this conclusion.

I’m sad. Tell me something positive.

We are passionate about what we do, and are dedicated to our athletes and our community. We plan on running business as usual through May. We still view the next several months as a great opportunity to continue to teach you skills, develop great friendships, continue to challenge you be better at everything, and put you through some tough workouts. We promise to work with you to the very last day.

Send in your questions to We’ll answer them and post many of them here!