CrossFit SLU Pride

Thank you so much for participating last week in Athlete Appreciation Week. We enjoyed seeing you guys dress up (or at least attempted) for the theme-of-the-day and hopefully you guys enjoyed the goodies we gave out!

13530_817467761663125_7436768125628013825_nFavorite Sports [team] Day


Neon Day

11127639_818193588257209_4096144815864255636_nSuper Hero Day
11212158_10105194896208173_1111908018163493159_oSuper Woman Francine & Wonder Woman Varsha

11169845_818320881577813_3583549194467250356_nCheck out that Captain America Shield!

10996081_818448981565003_9089320763896313105_nCool / Funky Socks Day
11205013_818581524885082_3255246280513037719_n 11255521_818595848216983_4688426417627162589_n

We take pride in what we do and it shows with all of the hard work you do and success you achieve! Cheers to the rest of the month here.

CrossFit SLU has given me . .

“…I wrote this after my 1st year at CrossFit – so much of it remains true. It was originally a Top 10, but grew into a Top 13 (because we do more of anything we do!)


1. 100 of something ain’t THAT bad, especially when you compare to the 260 of something you did the day before.
2. Burpees still suck, even if you get better at them.
3. Male gymnasts can definitely be called “superfit ninjas”. Anyone that can bend and hold themselves in those positions has my respect.
4. I can never name my child FRAN (or DIANE for that matter). LYNNE is still on the table though.
5. You can always get in one more rep with a few seconds left on the clock.
6. Only in CrossFit will you find workouts with titles that contain “Death by”, “Filthy Fifties” and “Giving Birth”.
7. Doing something you suck at over and over will make you suck at it less. Then one day you may just may find yourself doing it well.
8. CrossFit allows you to do stuff the NY Times says you shouldn’t be able to do.
9. Dreaming of CrossFit workouts is not uncommon. Whether those are happy dreams or nightmares is another story.
10. It’s no longer a surprise to me when I perform a squat or two to pass the time waiting in line especially when certain songs come on.
11. Foundations is like the “Cheers” of gyms – it’s a place you can go where everyone knows your name and isn’t afraid to enthusiastically yell it at you when you need it most.
12. The movements of CrossFit will creep into your everyday life without you even knowing it. All of the sudden you will be cleaning a 50lb bag of dog food like a feather in a pet store while the guy next to you stares in awe.
13. One year of CrossFit will change your definition of what it means to be fit. Two years will change your friend’s definition of what it means to be fit.”

“…that I have learned I can be an athlete!”

“…you guys called me an athlete from the minute I walked into the gym. No one’s ever called me that before. Now when I see somebody run faster or lift heavier than me, I know most of it is just a matter of dedication and practice.”

“…SLU has finally given me something I can commit to for health and fitness on a sustained and regular basis. Thank you so much!”

“…my first muscle up, lots of snatch PRs.”

“…ever-so-slightly increased flexibility. Let’s keep working on that at FCF :)”

“…Muscle Ups. Double Unders. Better endurance. Stronger pullups. Lots of new friends.”

“…knowledge about how my body works and how to train it.”

“…I’ve gone through stretches of working out in my life, but I’ve never found the consistency because I haven’t enjoyed it enough. The trainers and athletes at SLU have made the experience one to look forward to everyday so I actually am sad to miss a workout. I like that when I first started the people actually welcomed me. You don’t get that at every gym. The group of ladies that work out there are great. I also appreciate that the trainers push us to get the most out of the workout but not at the expense of my health and wellbeing. Thanks!”

“* The ability to convert lbs to kgs and vice versa
* The concept of journaling my progress
* Being ok with myself enough to make loud noises when lifting shit
* Being able to do most of the named workouts RX, something that seemed so far away 1.5 years ago
* The confidence to compete in novice events
Thanks so much guys! I’m much better off than I was.”

Well we want to thank YOU all for such an awesome time. Without you CFSLU would have never come into existence.