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I may never be the strongest. I may not be the fastest. But I work the hardest.


-Rich Froning

The Comp Ex program takes CrossFitters to the next level by adding specialized extracurricular work on top of your regular CrossFit classes. The composition of your supplementary work will be individually tailored to eliminate your weaknesses and maximize your athletic potential to overcome the unknown and the unknowable. The Comp Ex program is intended for athletes working towards or continuing to compete at local and regional CrossFit competitions either as an individual or in a team setting.

The Comp Ex athlete should have the basic CrossFit skills in place. Still missing your muscle-up or not as smooth on your double-unders? That’s okay, but it will be on your To Do list. The Comp Ex athlete should be highly motivated to train and have the time to dedicate outside of normal classes to get their specialized programming completed. This programming will include specialized warm-ups, strength and Olympic based lifts, mobility work, and accessory work to systematically increase your fitness.


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3x/week membership or more required.