Coming Soon: Kettlebell class

We are adding a kettlebell class and they will be as challenging and fun as the CrossFit classes that you love.

Many of you have come to respect (see: fear) the mighty kettlebell. Those of you who love it are getting more and those that are intimidated by it have an opportunity to improve your skills. Kettlebells are also an excellent implement to help with CrossFit training, specifically with shoulder girdle strength and mobility and grip. Not to mention all the other areas in the core and posterior chain that we can target.

Jared kettlebell russian swing

Having trouble stabilizing in the bottom of your snatch? Falling off the pull up bar because your hands are fatigued? Kettles develop the strength and skill.

Photo May 07, 2 36 35 PM

Try this out for a month and you will feel the difference.

Classes will begin sometime in June so stay tuned!