CFSLU Closure & Transition Notes

Dear CFSLU Athletes,

As some of you head out of town over Memorial Day week, you may be coming to the end of your WOD’s at CFSLU. Our sincerest thank you to everyone for keeping the morale high and spirits up during the last month. Without you and your support, this community would not exist!  Thank you for staying with us until the end!

If you have not received an email acknowledgement from us that you are transferring to FCF, then we are not aware of your plans! Please email us at to let us know you want to transfer! If you are not transferring, no action is needed.

+ Personal Items: Please remember to take your personal items such as lifting shoes, jump rope, wrist wraps, lifting belt, etc. with you after your last class! We will bring left items to FCF, however we cannot be responsible for misplaced or lost items left behind.


+ Journals: The journals are for you to keep. If you are not transferring to FCF please take your journal with you. We will only be bringing transferring athletes’ journals to FCF.


+ UPDATED Class schedule at CFSLU

  • Thursday, May 28th – Last day of classes at CFSLU.
  • Friday, May 29th – No classes at CFSLU.
  • SLU Athletes are welcome to attend classes at FCF on Friday, May 29th & Saturday, May 30th. Please RSVP using the CFSLU class calendar. 4:30PM is the last class at FCF on 05/29 so everyone can attend the party!

+ Farewell to SLU Party: Friday, May 29th! Doors open at 6PM, party starts at 6:30PM. This is a Pot Luck & BYOB style event. We have posted Pot Luck Sign Up sheets on the white board so that you can claim a dish. Let’s aim for variety! All are welcome and encouraged to attend! Bring your family & friends. We encourage you to dress up and wear your party clothes!

SLU invitation

We would also like to remind you that if you plan on drinking, DON’T DRIVE. Arrange for a DD, crash on someone couch, or Uber or cab it home!

+ Transfers: CFSLU athletes transferring to Foundation CrossFit will begin their FCF membership on Monday, June 1st. Have you added your payment information into FCF’s Zen Planner yet? Since you’re likely surfing the web at work right now, you may as well take care of this!

+ FCF Location: Never been to FCF? The address is 1415 12th Ave. Our “hidden” entrance is the set of red barn doors between Pacific Supply hardware store and the Ferrari/ Maserati dealership.

+ RSVP at FCF: Beginning June 1st, please remember to RSVP to classes using the FCF class calendar:

For those of you who are not transferring to Foundation CrossFit please know that our door is always open to you! Whether you would like to pop your head in to say hello, or drop-in for a WOD, or if you’d like to restart your membership because the location became convenient, we’d love to see you!  It doesn’t have to be goodbye, let’s just say, see you later!