CFSLU Athletes transferring to FCF

Dear CFSLU Athletes,

Thank you for being a part of our amazing community, for your continued support, and for staying with us until the end! Soon we’ll be faced with the hard reality of saying goodbye our friends and swole-mates, but until then, let’s continue to sweat it out, train hard, and celebrate each WOD and those PR’s!

Though we still have some time before we close our doors at the end of the month, we are working hard to make the transition from CrossFit SLU to Foundation CrossFit as smooth as possible, but we need your help!

We will be transferring interested athletes to Foundation CrossFit as of Monday, June 1st.

If you have not received an email from us confirming your intent to transfer, please let us know by emailing us at as soon as possible.

If you are not planning to transfer to Foundation CrossFit, no action is needed.

+ Transfers: CFSLU athletes transferring to Foundation CrossFit will begin their FCF membership on Monday, June 1st. Foundation CrossFit uses a separate Zen Planner account and in order to complete your transition to FCF we will need to transfer your CFSLU Zen Planner profile and membership. We will notify you when the transfer of your profile is complete and we will ask for your help by logging in and reviewing your new account profile and adding your credit card information.

+ Rates: As we promised, those who have current CFSLU memberships will retain their monthly rates and we will honor these rates as long as you remain an active member at FCF. We will also apply a 20% Athlete Appreciation Discount to your June membership at FCF.

+ FCF Payment Information: After we confirm that your FCF Profile has been transferred, we will need your help by adding your credit card information in FCF’s version of Zen Planner before June 1st.

+ RSVP at FCF: Beginning June 1st, please remember to RSVP to classes using the FCF class calendar: Please update your bookmarks or make an iPhone shortcut, if applicable!

+ Account Changes for Transfers: If you are transferring to FCF and if you desire any membership changes for June, please email before Wednesday, May 20th.

+ CFSLU Billing: Auto-payment and membership renewal has been turned off to ensure that you will no longer be billed by CFSLU.

+ Personal Items: If you have any personal items at CFSLU such as lifting shoes, jump rope, wrist wraps, lifting belt, etc. please take those with you before the end of the month so you can ensure their whereabouts!

+ UPDATED – Last Classes:  Thursday, May 28th will be our last day of classes at CFSLU. No Classes on Friday, May 29th. Come to the party! SLU Athletes are welcome to attend classes on Saturday, May 30th at FCF. Please RSVP using the CFSLU class calendar.

+ Farewell to SLU Party: May 29th! Doors open at 6PM, party starts at 6:30PM. Potluck. BYOB. All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

We are deeply gratified to be able to serve the South Lake Union neighborhood for the past four years. We appreciate you and your support. Thank you.