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What’s In Your Gym Bag MacGregor?

YGB 03 2015 - MacGregor

The items I typically keep at the gym are my lifting shoes, wrist wraps, gymnastics grips, and athletic tape. These all fit well within my shoes on the shelf and are my most used items. I also have gear at home that I bring in as needed (e.g. jump rope, headband, shin guards, etc.). If I had a lifting belt or knee sleeves I might leave them at the gym, but I don’t really use those.

– I got lifting shoes for the stability and secure base mostly while squatting. Now, I use them a bunch for everything from wall balls to “ISABEL”.
– My wrist wraps give me just a little more wrist support (particularly for snatching) but are also quite effective at keeping my hands sweat free.
– I use my gymnastics grips all the time to protect my hands during high volume pull-up workouts or toes-to-bar. These are essential and, as a result, I never tear.
– Lastly, I always make sure to have some athletic tape in the gym to protect my thumb from hook gripping during olympic lifts.

MacGregor racking a barbell

MacGregor H – CrossFit SLU

What’s In YOUR Gym Bag is our take on an athlete’s everyday carry, or small collection of gear/tools/clothing that are carried on a daily basis to assist your fitness endeavors in the gym at Foundation CrossFit/CrossFit SLU and abroad.

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