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CrossFit Endurance at Foundation

Announcing 2015 endurance training! It looks like we’ve weathered the worst of this extremely mild winter, it’s time to get back outside. If you’re interested in running, biking or even swimming, this post is for you. Starting the last week of March, we’ll begin leading Crossfit Endurance training from FCF.

What is Crossfit Endurance? If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s pretty much as it sounds: a Crossfit approach to endurance training. In the words of Brian MacKenzie (the founder of CFE): “First, it is a training program that requires less time and less pounding on the pavement, reducing the chance of injury. More important, it is the means to building and sustaining overall good health. One of the central ideas behind CrossFit Endurance is replacing long aerobic runs with short, hard bouts of effort. But CrossFit Endurance is also about health and sustainability too, and incorporates nutrition, mobility and balance.”

Any why are we doing this? Everyone has their own reason, but here are a few good excuses to get started:
* Summertime in Seattle means fun runs and obstacle races. Think Warrior Dash, Beat the Bridge, Color Run, Warrior Dash, etc. Ever wanted to try one? This is a great way to get prepared.
* This summer we’ll be hosting our very own (and very informal) sprint triathlon. Details coming soon, but if you want a taste of a long distance event (and you’re going to be in Seattle this July), this should be a fun introduction.
* Colin is running a half Ironman in the middle of August and is hoping to find a few other brave souls to join him. Even if you don’t want to commit to that, these training runs are a great way to see what’s involved in training for a long multi-sport event.

We’ll start off focusing on running, but as the weather improves (and the days get longer), we’ll add bike rides and even the occasional swim in Lake Washington. If you’re interested, please fill out this survey:

We’ll be in touch with you soon with more details.