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SLU Athlete Spotlight: Melissa K.

Get to know Melissa!

melissa 1

Are you from Seattle? If not, where are you originally from?
I’m a transplant from the Great White North… Born and raised in London, Ontario. Been living in Seattle for 6 years though, and love it!

What do you do for work?
I’m a Program Manager at Microsoft, focusing on user experience and UI design. Currently working on the Internet Explorer team.

What do you do for FUN?
Pretty much anything outdoors. And since I’ve moved here, I’ve picked up many new sports and activities to add to all the things I did back home. Things that keep me busy when I’m not at the gym are road biking, rock climbing, skiing (backcountry, inbounds and some downhill racing), hiking, mountaineering, and anything else my crazy friend will talk me into trying. I’m also an instructor for a basic glacier climbing class and an outdoor leadership class here in Seattle, and am the events coordinator chair for the Seattle chapter of Room to Read.

When did you start CrossFit?
January 2012.

melissa 2

What keeps you coming to our gym?
Love the community and vibe of the place. Everyone is so friendly and approachable. And the instructors rock!

What class time do you usually go to?
Evenings. 6:30 or 7:30pm.

Do you have a favorite CrossFit exercise? Least favorite?
My favourite movements involve anything without weights :) Box jumps, pull ups, push up, running, burpees, jump rope, handstands (I love handstands!), air squats… you get it!

You’ve been kickin’ butt in the gym lately, what’s your most recent PR?
67kg back squat.

Favorite place to go out for dinner?
Seattle is such a paradise for foodies! So much good food… But Park Pub on Phinney Ridge is the place frequent the most. It’s in walking distance to our house and is pretty awesome.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Definitely Go Go Gadget arms. For some reason, many things tend to be out of reach for me… and I’m inherently a little lazy :) So not having to get up to grab that beer off the coffee table would be sweet.

melissa 3

Any fun facts about yourself that your gym-mates don’t know about you?
I’m the number one fan, official photographer and sponsor for a local pro triathlete… who also just happens to be my husband!

What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? How has your performance changed with your increased fitness?
Since starting crossfit, I am definitely the strongest I’ve been and has a huge effect on my performance in all the other things I do. I’ve also found that I can stay out longer and go harder then my pre-crossfit self. Transitioning from season to season and sport to sport, my general strength and fitness is well above what I’d need without having to train specifically for those sports, though I do have to supplement crossfit with biking to keep aerobically fit.

melissa 4

Thanksgiving Week 11/24 through 11/29


– Thursday 11/27: 10am only at FCF, CFSLU closed. All FCFCFSLU athletes are welcome to that 10am class!
– Friday 11/28: 9am, 10am, and 11am for both FCF and CFSLU

We are having a Black Friday week sale at both gyms. It today (11/24) through Saturday (11/29). We will run these retail sheets next Monday, December 1st.

FCFCFSLU Black Friday Week Sale

Everything is 25% off (this includes zip hoodies, Theracanes, Strideline socks, t-shirts, athletic tape, lacrosse balls, compression sleeves, and more). Select items are 50% off:

– Red shirts at SLU
– Neon green shirts at FCF
– All XS and XL items

Apparel will be set up on the Reebok stand this week and will go back to its normal spot next Monday.

To purchase, simply peel off the item sticker and stick it to the retail store sheet.

Training on Tap:
– back squat 5RM
– handstand strength
– push press 1RM
– pullup/t2b/jumping lunges
– front squat 1RM

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Wearable Wednesday: Hybrid Watch + Trackers

Over the last couple weeks we have looked at a handful of the top fitness trackers and smart watches both at and coming soon to a store near you. However, there is a new space popping up trying to bridge the gap between fitness tracker functions and smart watch functions. Here is a look at a couple of these hybrids.


A fitness tracking wristband plus app and cloud-computing technology, edging it into the smart watch/fitness band hybrid market. Probably the most full-feature device on the market.
-Display shows texts, FB alerts, calendar items, and Sbux bar codes to pay for your morning americano
– Constant heart rate monitoring
– GPS for accurate run/cycling tracking WITHOUT having to have your phone with you
– All the standard calorie estimates, sleep and steps plus customizable screen
– Cross platform functionality with iPhone, Android or Windows
– Syncs third party apps like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper and provides workouts from Gold’s Gym, Shape and Men’s fitness
– Microsoft Health platform is not yet integrated to other wearables (like Jawbone or Fitbit) but it is planning to be soon
– No way to interact with notifications coming from and iPhone or Android, but full functionality with Windows
– 48 hour battery life
– Water and dust resistant, but not water proof enough for the shower
– Not super attractive and band is a bit uncomfortable with strap around wrist and screen on top

Trying to be a perfect marriage between smart watch and fitness tracker, Samsung Gearfit gets mixed reviews.
– Comfortable to wear
– Beautiful display
– Super long battery life
– Tracks heart rate, exercise, calorie intake, etc.
– Inaccurate heart rate monitor and pedometer
– Narrow display and small proprietary charger
– No app ecosystem
– No GPS so distance is inaccurate

TIMEX IRONMAN ONE GPS+ $400 (fall 2014)
Looks like a smart watch, but calls itself a sports tracker. Only makes emergency calls, but does house music. Not sure exactly where this crossover lands, but it has got some solid features.
– Standalone device not needing your phone to connect to because it has its own cell signal and connects to AT&Ts wireless network
– Rugged and durable
– Can send alert messages in case you need help or are hurt, great for hikers and backwoods explorers
– Pairs with apps like RunKeeper, Strava and MyFitnessPal
– Water resistant up to 50 meters
– Touchscreen that looks similar to e-readers
– Not very pretty
– No heart rate monitor built in, but can connect via Bluetooth with an external chest strap
– After your first year it’s $40 to keep the AT&T features on
– 8 hour battery life with GPS, if you play music too its 4 hours



***DISCLAIMER: These opinions are based on public reviews and some trial with the devices. This is not meant to be the definitive word on hybrids, but rather a quick guide noting some of the key features to figure out what is best for you personally.

Test Tuesday 11/18

A. 2 rounds:
– 10 mountain pushups
– accumulate 30/45/60sec in chest-to-wall

– lunge into kick-up progressions (1s, 12s, 1221s, 1212s)

B. 2 rounds:
– 5 wall presses to hs
– accumulate 30/45/60sec in back-to-wall