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Volume Friday 12/12

Tomorrow Andrew B, Isaac M, Hannah H, and Ann-Marie D will be competing in the Bellevue Interbay Team Throwdown. Today we’ll do a variation on Event 6

Bellevue Interbay Team Throwdown Event 6

(in teams of 4)
15 minute AMRAP relay:
12 box jump overs, 20
12 deadlift, 90/50kg

*This is a relay, one person must complete all 12 box jump overs and 12 deadlift before their next teammate can start, keep doing this in order for the entire 15 minutes accumulating as many rounds and reps that you can.

12 Days of CrossFit: Jump Ropes

To put it nicely, double unders can be hard for some of us to master. It takes timing, consistency and patience. But it also takes a good rope. Having your own rope allows customization to your height, tempo, preferred weight (an important but usually ignored aspect) and provides consistency in practice. Plus, they’re small and light, perfect for carrying with you for a quick workout at home or on the road.

If you’re just starting and aren’t sure what kind of rope you prefer, you can check out some of the cheaper options at either gym, a local sporting store or Amazon. Amazon has several adjustable options ranging from $8-$15.

Some other staff recommendations include:

RX Jump Ropes
RX Smart Gear has been making the industry standard for CrossFit for years. Their ropes are custom sized to each individual athlete’s height and cable variation to support multiple tempos and resistance levels. You can also customize it even further with multiple colors and designs. ($43, RX Smart Gear)

The bohemith of CrossFit gear of course makes some solid ropes. They also have a variety of cable selection and handles, but are listed under different names so be sure to pay attention to the descriptions. These SR’s are the ones most of the staff have. ($13-$65, Rogue Fitness)

RPM Fitness
The Ferrari of jump ropes, these more advanced and expensive speed ropes are meant for what else but speed?! Also check out the crazy freestyle moves done on Instagram. ($48.95, RPM Fitness)

Volume Thursday 12/11


thruster 3×3


1/2 “WILMOT”

3 rounds for time:
50 squats
25 ring dips

Canadian Forces Private Colin Wilmot, 24, of Fredericton, NB, assigned to the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI) Battle Group, based out of Edmonton, AB, died on July 6, 2008 from wounds suffered when an explosive device detonated near him in the Panjwali District of Afghanistan. He is survived by his fiancee Laura, father Eric Craig, and sister Kathleen.

Volume Thursday 12/11


thruster 3×3


1/2 “WILMOT”

3 rounds for time:
50 squats
25 ring dips

Canadian Forces Private Colin Wilmot, 24, of Fredericton, NB, assigned to the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (2 PPCLI) Battle Group, based out of Edmonton, AB, died on July 6, 2008 from wounds suffered when an explosive device detonated near him in the Panjwali District of Afghanistan. He is survived by his fiancee Laura, father Eric Craig, and sister Kathleen.

12 Days of CrossFit: Strength Wraps



No matter the workout, we all rely on the strength in our wrists for stability and supporting large amounts of weight. Tape and compression wraps are a go to for many athletes, but not all support strength AND flexibility needed for various WODs. When choosing a wrap it’s important to consider fit, support, movement and personal preference since we are all shaped differently.

A few of our trainer favorites are:

Harbinger Pro Thumb Loop
A steal at $9 on Amazon, these wraps are a personal favorite of SLUs very own Megan Kercher (and who doesn’t want to lift as much as her, right?). The elastic material provides adjustable support with a comfortable fit. These wraps are thinner than their heavy duty counterparts, making their light fit excellent for a variety of WODs. ($9, Amazon, Dicks or general sports outlets)

Strength Wraps
Heralded as the original wrist wrap in the CrossFit world, Strength Wraps offer a full range of motion, joint stability, and functionality at a cost efficient price. Plus, you can customize them to your personal preference. ($25-$35, Strength Wraps)

PR Wraps
AB considers these superior to the previous set of wraps. They’re made with Peruvian cotton and no synthetics making it a bit more substantial leading to better support. Through a special treatment of the materials it’s also antimicrobal (which is an issue with all other wraps), so it won’t carry that stink with you. ($35, PR Wraps)

The Rogue Strength Wrap is a great alternative for an athlete that doesn’t prefer the bulkiness of a traditional lifting wrap. Simple to use, just twist the material to easily tighten or loosen. You can change how restricting the wraps are to fit your needs as an athlete. This allows you to train Olympic lifting, power lifting, and GPP without wasting time wrapping and unwrapping. ($25, Rogue Fitness)

Just released, these were designed with help from CrossFit Games athlete (and former champ) Jason Khalipa- he wanted the simplicity of the velcro (similar to the Rogue Strength Wrap) with the feel of the cloth (similar to Strength or PR Wraps) so RockTape created what he wanted. These went quick so be on the lookout for them! ($24.99,

Volume Week 12/8 through 12/13

December Events/Holiday Schedule:

This Friday 12/12: FCFCFSLU Holiday Pub Crawl
Wednesday 12/17: HELLAFIT x Lululemon Pacific Place free class at Foundation CrossFit
Thursday 12/18: HELLAFIT x Lululemon Pacific Place free class at CrossFit SLU
Thursday 12/25: Both gyms CLOSED
Friday 12/26: Both gyms have 9am, 10am, and 11am classes only
Saturday 12/27: Both gyms CLOSED
Wednesday 12/31: New Years Eve/Day schedule TBA

We’re hosting the Gymnastic Bodies Seminar at Foundation CrossFit May 2-3, 2015


Don’t miss your chance to learn gymnastic strength training from renowned US Jr. National Coach Christopher Sommer of Gymnastic Bodies. Back in 2011 Andrew and Tony took this seminar and immediately implemented much of what they learned into FCFCFSLU training.

The worldwide GB Seminars are designed expressly for CrossFitters, Gymnasts, MMA, Olympic Lifters, Rock Climbers, Parkour, Free Running, Yoga and Fitness Enthusiasts to learn gymnastics strength training in a safe, professional, hands-on environment. Anyone who is committed to increasing their bodyweight strength mastery, mobility and quality of movement should make attending a definite priority.

The seminar will cover:
– Fundamental Straight Arm Strength (FSAS)
– Fundamental Bent Arm Strength (FBAS)
– Fundamental Leg Strength (FLS)
– Handstand (HS)
– Rings (XR)

Coach Sommer’s system will take you step by step from the most basic to the most impressive feats of strength. An unparalleled system that not only takes the need for muscular strength into account, but also the need of a full and active range of motion. You will learn not only how to train for strength but also how to incorporate mobility drills from his series known as liquid steel.

Registration for the seminar also includes the GB Starter Pack, which includes the Foundation One and Handstand One digital courses.

See more at


Early bird registration means 1/3 off registration.

Open to anyone interested in learning better body control!

Training on Tap:

– back squat 3×3
– hang clean/muscle-up OR hang clean/pullup
– bench press 3×3
– handstand development
– push press/knees-to-elbows/jumping lunges
– thruster 3×3
– 1/2 “WILMOT”
– Bellevue Interbay Team Throwdown 2014 Event 6

from our handstand development: novice, intermediate, and advanced Gatherings


See the intermediate and advanced versions here.


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Skills Week 12/1 through 12/6

This Friday is the CFSLU 3-Year Anniversary party!



Photo Dec 01, 3 12 52 PM

If you hadn’t noticed, we cleared out the FCF Push Up Prop wall about a week and a half ago. Where did they go? They were given to its owners! If you received a push up prop in your journal (if you didn’t, it’s in the pen mug near the cubbies and bulletin board at the back of the gym) how did it make you feel? Appreciated? Happy? Grateful? Hopefully all of the above!

Since the wall is empty and since it’s Thanksgiving week, whether you celebrate it or not, take a moment to take a hand and recognize someone you work out / sweat / learn/ suffer with. We hope that we can create a ripple effect with this. If you receive one, spread the love by writing one for someone. Let’s do the same with the Kettlebell Compliments at SLU!

– squat 3×5+
– kettlebell swing/pullup
– bench press 3×5+
– TEAM alternating split jerk/slam ball/alternating plyo pushup
– handstand development
– EMOM 3-2-1-part pausing snatch
– thruster 5×3+
– row/db snatch/jumping lunges
– deadlift 1×5
– WODfest 2014 Open Individual Final Event
– 12 Days of CrossFit

We will also do the 12 Days of CrossFit again on Christmas Eve!

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FCF Athlete Spotlight: Victor M.

Get to know Victor!

victor 4

-Are you from Seattle? If not, where are you originally from?
I moved here from Chicago in 2006. I was born in Whittier, CA. I grew up in Mesa, AZ, I went to college in Minnesota, and I have also lived in Oregon.

-What do you do for work?
Print! I work in an offset print shop, but I am currently in school for graphic design.

-What do you do for FUN?
Since I am in school I don’t have a lot of time for fun :) Going to the gym counts as fun. I like to go out to eat.

-When did you start CrossFit?
I started in December 2011.

-What keeps you coming to our gym?
Friendly, motivating people, and great trainers. Before I started crossfit, I didn’t work out because I was afraid of gym culture. As a trans person, it was important for me to find a place that felt comfortable and respectful of all kinds of bodies. I heard good things about FCF from a friend so I decided to try it. I loved it and have been here ever since.

victor 3

-What class time do you usually go to?
I used to be a solid 7:30pm-er but since I started school I just go whenever I can, which seems to either be 8am or 7:30pm.

-Do you have a favorite CrossFit exercise? Least favorite?
I really like Oly lifting and still rings. Of course I hate burpees.

-You’ve been kickin’ butt in the gym lately, what’s your most recent PR?
My most exciting recent PRs were a 60kg snatch and a 115kg back squat. I have also recently gotten better at double unders, so I have been PRing on anything with double unders, because I can actually string a few of them together now.

victor 2

-Favorite place to go out for dinner?
I recently moved to Columbia City but all of my favorite places are still on Capitol Hill. Lil Woodys’s, 8oz, Mezcaleria Oaxaca, Ba Bar (wings!)…

-If you could have any super power, what would it be?
The ability to teleport would make my day go a lot faster.

-Any fun facts about yourself that your gym-mates don’t know about you?
My writing/art has been published twice and I can be seen as an extra in a music video (but I’m not going to tell you what).

-What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? How has your performance changed with your increased fitness?
I can go on longer and more challenging hikes. I can bike up a hill without passing out. I can carry a backpack filled with breakfast, lunch, coffee, water, books, and gym clothes around for 14 hour days, 5 days a week, and not hurt my back.

victor 1