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Memorial Day Week 5/25 through 5/30


This weekend marks the last week of operation at CrossFit SLU, and it’s a very short week because of the holiday: MURPH Monday through Thursday (no Friday classes at CFSLU, but we’ll open up all FCF classes) so be prepared.

SLU invitation

If you’re in for MURPH be mindful of how you feel when squatting later this week.

Come out to the CFSLU Farewell Party this Friday 5/29 at 6:30pm. Feel free to dress up! Hang out with these two:

Tony & Kris rocking their ‘Founding Athlete’ shirts


– Hatch Squat Cycle W4D1
– jerk/t2b
– turkish get-ups
– power swings, burpees/kb dead snatch, power swings
– Hatch Squat Cycle W4D2
– chipper

Think of this week as Max Week Part 2/Skills Week Part 1. Last week was about the short, hard sprints- this week we go heavy and test some longer metcons, but with a focus on some movements you haven’t seen in a while.


The Pacific, California and East regionals all wrapped up yesterday. You can check out all the footage, results, and other news coming out at

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Max Week 5/18 through 5/23

2015 03 FCF-22Bryan D

Hope you had a nice, long, restful weekend- time to go to work!

The CrossFit SLU Farewell Party is on Friday 5/29- mark your calendars.


– 5-round HELEN (run/kb swing/pullup)
– Hatch Squat Cycle W3D1
– 500m row TT/ME dips/ME box jumps
– EMOM hang snatch, hang clean
– Hatch Squat Cycle W3D2
2015 Masters Qualifier Event 1
– tag team workout!

Now that most of you should be well-rested we have time to test a bunch of metabolic conditioning. We will be testing strength only once this week (Wednesday) so be prepared!



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Volume Week 5/4 through 5/9

HAPPY STAR WARS DAY! This is also CFSLU’s Athlete Appreciation week. Lots of goodies for y’all!

We had two awesome events this past weekend. The final FIRST FRIDAY at CFSLU:


and the Gymnastic Bodies Seminar at FCF:


Great times with great people always encourage us to continue improving and enjoy all the moments created through fitness.


– EMOM hang snatch, hang clean
– core work
– Hatch Squat Cycle, W1D1
– kettlebell ladder
– muscle-ups
CGO 14.3
– Hatch Squat Cycle, W1D2
CGO 13.1


CFSLU Athlete Appreciation Week – CrossFit SLU
Whole30 Book Tour: Seattle – Whole9
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Skills Week 4/27 through 5/2

LYNNEatSLU-April2015-32Noor, Kelsi, Stacey, and Lisa bench pressing in LYNNE

Hope you guys had a fantastics weekend! Time to get back to work- FCF will slowly be put back together this week. Just remember that FCF is CLOSED on Saturday 5/2. All FCF athletes are welcome to join in the 9am, 10am, or 11am classes at CrossFit SLU!

Other than that we have our FINAL First Friday at CFSLU on 5/1. Come by and join us for a workout and some refreshments afterwards.

– front squat 1RM
– run/lunge/muscle-up
– EMOM hang snatch, hang clean
– the “40/40″ (front squats, HSPU)
– muscle-up drills
– row/wall ball/c2b pullups
– deadlifts/burpee shuttle runs for FCF
– deadlifts/rope climbs for CFSLU
– team workout at CFSLU since FCF is closed!

This Skills Week brings about a new block of programming. We’ll be refining some of your techniques with medium/high-level skills such as muscle-ups, hang snatches and cleans, handstand pushups, shuttle runs, rope climbs, and literal team work! Bring your focus to classes and know that we value EFFORT over INTENSITY for everything this week.

You’ll notice longer workouts being programmed and that’s simply for those who want to build some metabolism-burning work. If your goal is more strength & power we suggest scaling so that you workouts are fast, intense, and really heavy.

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Living Beyond Limits w/ Amy Purdy

Deload Week 4/20 to 4/25


This past Saturday we hosted the spring FESTIVUS GAMES 2015 at CrossFit SLU. Over the course of 6 hours we ran 100 athletes through 3 grueling workouts, and a bonus 4th for the finalists.

We couldn’t be more proud of all of our athletes who competed: Jenny L, Olga S, Alp A, MacGregor H, Phil J, Luke B (who placed 2nd in his division), Katie N, Olivia R, Tracy T, Noor H, Julia A, Frieda E, Anastasia M (who placed 3rd in her division), Megan P, Monica T, Cheryl C, Wendy M, Angie P, Danny M, Teddy B, Jason R, Amin S, and Hannah N!

We also couldn’t have done it without the help of our own badass community, all athletes who call FCFCFSLU home and all of our friends. When we asked for help, you answered. We have received so much positive feedback from this weekend’s visitors and that’s all due to your hard work and awesomeness. Thank you so much for making this event run so smoothly.

I know that both facilities have gone through some changes, but bear with us this week!

– deload back squats
– double unders/situps
– muscle-ups
– EMOM snatch, clean, deadlift (last time for a while!)
– more deload back squats
– burpee-run chipper
– Strict LYNNE
– Team Workout

It’s a weird Deload Week because both facilities are going through some change, so equipment and workspace will be different from what you’re used to- but that’s a good thing because being a CrossFitter prepares you for the known and unknown variables of life!

We’re deloading the back squats this week (but giving them to your twice), which means you’ll have a chance to max out and retest your 1RM soon enough! You’ll have another chance on Wednesday for everyone’s new favorite EMOM snatch/clean/deadlift workout, as well as a strict LYNNE. Saturday will be the usual team workout- this one should also be pretty spicy!

We’ll also be hitting the classic benchmarks one more time and would love for you to REPLY TO OUR COMMENT SECTIONS with your results as I’m compiling the data to create an FCFCFSLU Athletic Levels chart that we can utilize in the future for goal-setting, etc.


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Test Week 4/12 through 4/17

Foundation CrossFit athletes!

FCF 4.0 - moving in

flashback to when we got keys to 4.0


Deja vu – today, after several hours of moving – say goodbye to the uneven floor!

The gym will look different this week- starting Monday we will be starting our project to level the floors in the back half of our facility. This means there will be a lot of things moved, and a lot less space to move around in. We’ve adjusted programming during the maintenance upgrade, and we’ll have an even better space when it’s all finished! Plan for about a week to two weeks of restricted usage.

Please note: The bathrooms will be limited to just one. So please handle your business at home before coming in.

CrossFit SLU Athletes:

We’re hosting the FESTIVUS GAMES all day Saturday so all classes will be cancelled. Feel free to come by to support your fellow athletes and spectate if you wish!


- back squats (FCF is only squatting on Monday!)
– EMOM snatch/clean/deadlift (last day for barbell movements until the concrete cures)
– kettlebell clean set
– kettlebell snatch set
– sprints/kettlebell swings at the track


- back squats (FCF is only squatting on Monday!)
– EMOM snatch/clean/deadlift (last day for barbell movements until the concrete cures)
– kettlebell clean set
– kettlebell snatch set
– press 1RM, “ANNIE”
– Saturday is closed for FESTIVUS GAMES!
– View other upcoming events

It’s TEST week! But it’s a weird one because the facilities will both experience some weird change: FCF with the concrete pouring/curing and CFSLU with Festivus preparation.


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A Day in the Life of Lauren Fisher:

Volume Week 4/6 though 4/11


On Friday we celebrated First Friday and said bye-for-now to Megan as she and her wife Sara take on the Pacific Crest Trail for the next six months or so!

Also: congrats to our recent Fast Track Graduates! Say hi to Ryan, Tony, Taylor, and Mika!



– back squats 2×5, 4×3
– double under/pushup/wall ball/c2b pullup/dip
– EMOM snatch, clean, deadlift
– dynamax wheels
– muscle-up progressions
– back squats 2×5, 4×3
– the 2015 Festivus Games events
– Team Workout Saturday

Happy Volume Week! We’re going to do a lot of reps for a lot of time this week. Value your recovery: eat well and plenty, get as much rest and sleep as necessary, stay hydrated, take your fish oil, and mobilize your issues before they become legitimate problems.


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Better Adductors For Better Squatting by The Movement Fix:

Deload Week 3/23 through 3/28

CGO15point4-FCF-61the crew post-15.4 this past Saturday

VERSUS VII: The Curtain Call is coming this Saturday 3/28 at CrossFit SLU from 9am to 12pm. The first event will be 15.5, the final workout of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open!

Due to demands, I’ve decided to keep registration open until 11:59pm 3/23 TONIGHT! Sign up now to reserve your spot to throw down in the last-ever head-to-head battle for the Golden Hammer!

Reserving your spot will give you heat times, which will be posted after Thursday evening CGO 15.5 announcement. This is the 5th time I’m going to link REGISTRATION FOR VERSUS 7 so that you options on where to click, which all lead the same place:


As of this posting we are at 30 FCF vs 29 CFSLU.


For those officially participating in the 2015 CrossFit Games Open, remember that if you complete ALL workouts AND the Online Judges Course by 5pm this Thursday, you will receive $20 off your April Membership dues!

You can still take the judges course here.

Please email me a copy of the PDF certificate!


– EMOM hang snatches, hang cleans, and clean pulls
– muscle-ups/wall ball
– 500m row, intervals
– a chipper
– CGO 15.5

It’s DELOAD week- we will back off of the volume, but intensity should still remain. We should also have plenty of time for mobilization, so don’t skimp on classes. This past weekend was the penultimate 2015 CGO so we’ve got to prepare for the last one coming Saturday morning, which kicks off VERSUS 7.

Receiving a bunch of positive feedback over the last week’s EMOM made me decide that you’d get that format again! It was already planned for next week, but the workout protocol can really be applied to anything. We will have a chance to work on the muscle-up skill then test those in a muscle-up/wall ball workout reminiscent of CGO 15.3. The benchmark LYNNE appears again. After that one we’ll have another chipper because for whatever reason, people like them. Expect skill level to be high, just like the other week. Finally we’ll have CGO 15.5 on Friday (watch the announcement Thursday at 5pm at and VERSUS 7 on Saturday!


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PROTECT YOUR NECK! Learn if you have hinge points!

Max Week 3/16 through 3/21

CGO15point3Crew at the conclusion of Pi Day/CGO 15.3 at CrossFit SLU


– CGO 15.4 at FCF: this Saturday 3/21 at 11am (no regular class at that time)
– FESTIVUS GAMES: Saturday 4/18
Seattle Affiliate League: Sundays 4/12, 4/19, 4/26


– back squat 1RM
– 100 pullups/30 muscle-ups
– snatch 1RM
– clean 1RM
– deadlift 1RM
– tabata front squats
– 2 minutes max calories AirDyne
– 500m row for time
– CGO 15.4

It’s max week and that means we’re testing some new things and retesting some old things. You may still be sore from last week’s 15.3, but continue the recovery process the best ways you can: resting (and actively resting), eating enough food to fuel the body, and drinking plenty of fluids.

We’ll be testing a lot of lifts so it will be helpful to have all the tools you need handy: lifting shoes, knee sleeves, lifting belt, and athletic tape. If you don’t care for any of that, just make sure to rock flat footwear for stability and support!



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Tina and I started a podcast this past weekend! Check it out!

Future episodes will definitely contain the things happening and coming up with our gyms too, so keep an eye out.

Max Week 2/16 through 2/21

FCFCFSLU Staff Gathering 15FEB2015Most of the FCFCFSLU Team

Hope you had a wonderful weekend with the beautiful Seattle weather we had. The staff met up for some eats to cap off the weekend and to start off the year right.

It’s MAX WEEK so we plan to test plenty of different lifts. Please plan and prepare accordingly! The CrossFit Games Open is almost upon us and you still have time to register (DO THAT HERE) to join your respective Affiliate Team (Foundation CrossFit / CrossFit SLU). On the fence? We’ve provided plenty of information and motivation below in the article section.

This coming Thursday will also be the High-Cycle Clinic at CrossFit SLU beginning at 5:30pm for two hours. Come and learn techniques that yield faster barbell movement and efficiency.

More information can be found here.
Foundation CrossFit athletes register for the clinic here.
CrossFit SLU athletes can register for the clinic here.


– back squat 1RM
– chest-to-bar HELEN
– heavy snatch
– Outlaw Barbell Efficiency Test
– heavy clean & jerk
– real “GRACE”
– final handstand day. find your max hold freestanding/chest-to-wall/back-to-wall, handstand walk, etc
CrossFit Total (back squat 1RM, press 1RM, deadlift 1RM)
CGO 14.5

It’s MAX WEEK. We’re testing to set precedent for the upcoming CrossFit Games Open season. We will also have percentage-based back squats and presses starting next week, so set those records! If you are here on Monday and Thursday you’ll have to chance to squat twice OR back squat on Monday and then front squat on Tuesday.

Much of the work this week is similar to last week because we wanted you to have some familiarity going into this week. Bring in the confidence that you know how to perform- we just want you to push it and complete it all faster and harder.


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