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Volume Monday 6/1

15 minutes to build to a heavy 3-rep push press, then

EMOM for 20 min:
3 kb swing
3 kb clean
3 kb jerk

Ideally use two kettlebells but can scale to one bell if necessary. If OH position sucks then scale the jerks with push press either using the bells or not. If using bells for push press make sure they are spaced far enough apart so as to not smash fingers. NOT RECOMMENDED for bells smaller than 16kg. Encourage experienced athletes to go heavier than they think.

Post push press weight to comments!

– middle splits, 2min
– bar-in-trap, 90sec/side

A. 2 laps around the block. one lap with weight (use heavy slam ball or dynamax), one w/o

3 rounds of
7 thrusters, 20/15kg
7 GHD situps
7 hip ext + GHR
7 bar-facing burpees

B. 7 sets: snatch + hang snatch. no pauses. GO HEAVY AND BE SPEEDY!


EMOM for 5min: 2 power snatch + hang snatch. see if this can be the heaviest you’ve gone!

C. your squats, if any. otherwise do 5×20 reverse hyper, heavy

D. class

E. 2min drills: retest any of the skills you’ve done in the past month then the Cool Down. Post results!