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Kettlebell Arm Bar “Stretch”

The Arm Bar is a great exercise and stretch for the shoulder which works well for shoulder-injury prevention and rehabilitation of past injuries. They are a static hold that makes the stabilizing muscles in the shoulder girdle fire off and stretch the chest and delts. Often when you hear the word ‘stretch’ you have assumptions on what it’s going to feel like. Instead, think of this as a strength movement: you are trying to stabilize an object that you are holding- control is the priority instead of load.

When performing this exercise keep it light. Ignore that voice in your head that tells you to go big or go home. Think of it as part of your warm-up or cool down. If you come into class early you can do a few.

kettlebell arm bar
Come to the light. Do arm bars.

If you require better strength and mobility for snatches, overhead squats, presses, push presses, jerks, bench pressing, dips, and handstands you NEED this. Watch the video above then have a trainer check you out! Better yet, come to class on Monday where we’ll show you in person.