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Saluting a Hero: Murph

One of the most infamous, yet beloved workouts in the CrossFit arsenal is Murph. It is named for Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy of Patchogue, N.Y. Lieutenant Murphy called this workout “Body of Armor” and completed it while wearing a 25-pound flank jacket. To this day the SEALS continue to teach cadets the grueling workout he invented.

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Lieutenant Murphy lost his life at age 29 during a capture or kill mission in June 2005 targeting a Taliban leader hiding in the hills of the Kunar Province in Afghanistan. In an effort to call for backup, he abandoned cover behind enemy lines and was gunned down. On Independence Day his body was recovered and he was posthumously honored with 14 service medals, including the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was only the fourth Navy recipient of this prestigious award since the Vietnam war, and the first member of the armed forces to receive this honor for service in Afghanistan.

ABOVE: President George W. Bush presents the Medal of Honor to Dan and Maureen Murphy, parents of Lt. Michael P. Murphy in 2007. White House photo by Joyce N. Boghosian.