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Volume STAR WARS Monday 5/4

with a running clock lift every minute on the minute then add weight:
– beginning with an empty bar HANG SNATCH for as long as possible
– when you can no longer hang snatch, HANG CLEAN for as long as possible



Post weights used to comments!

- straddle split, 2min
Straddle legs out as far as possible. Lock legs hard. Goal is to sit upright. If possible get shoulders in front of hips. Pancake split is ideal. If scaling is needed use an upright to pull torso forward.

– tib ant stretch, 2min
With toes pointed back sit on heels with upright torso. Goal is to have top of foot, ankle, and shin flat. Scale up: elevate toes/foot so ankle has a deficit. Scale down: place ab-mat so ankle has support while flattening through a more gentle angle

– one-legged squatting quad, 2min/side
Using a light kettlebell, load the Achilles keeping the knee in track with the heel flat on the ground.

All of these are for recovery as well as prep for tomorrow’s Day 1 of new squat program.

30sec freestyle JR
30sec double unders

snatch-grip single leg stiff-legged deadlift
muscle snatch
SnG push press
snatch balance

7 sets: snatch + hang snatch. pause-at-the-knee for both lifts. go heavier than last week.


EMOM for 5min: snatch + hang snatch at 80% of above

(your squats)

(class core work)

– 2min drills: choose a skill! DID YOU SHARE YOUR OTHER TESTS?!
– (see Cool Down)