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Deload Week 1/12 through 1/17

Photo Jan 10, 12 13 22 PMthe FCFCFSLU CompEx crew


Today is the last day of the Lil Woody’s promotion! Only with FCF or CFSLU apparel- 15% off of your bill.
– Another Foundations program begins at Foundation CrossFit Capitol Hill! Make sure you greet any new faces you bump into.
The brand new Fundamentals class started last week! You’ll see them running concurrently with the Foundations program. Open to all athletes. Come and sharpen your lifting skills. Deadlift is up this Saturday at 8am. Shoulder Press is next week Saturday at 8am.
– This weekend also marks Lynnwood CrossFit’s annual pre-CrossFit Games Open competition CRETUS EX DUELLUM. Come by Saturday and/or Sunday to support our athletes: Megan, Vicky, Hannah, Sarah, Tom, Jeff, Robyn, Isaac, Bobby, and Nathan!


Cast Wall Walks

Prone Chest Stretch

Banded Drinking Bird

Rocking Straddle Stretch


– back squat 1×20
– row/front lunge/chest-to-bar chinups
– snatch 10×3
– EMOM power clean/hang clean/front squat & burpee tuck jumps
– handstand development
– kettlebell work
– still rings routines
– deadlift 1×5
– partner FIGHT GONE BAD


Online Judges Course 2015 – CrossFit Games *For anyone who takes this and emails me a copy of the certificate will get $10 off of their April membership, just like last year*
Ordinary People, Hollywood Budgets –
George Clooney’s Rules For Living – Esquire
Nike Metcon 1 Trainer Release – Nike
Rich Froning’s Competition Nano Will Launch This Spring – MetConTalk
Bill Gates Raises a Glass to (and of) Water Made From Poop – NPR
Lay Off the Almond Milk You Ignorant Hipsters – Mother Jones
2 Flavored Bone Broth Recipes To Beat the Flu Season – Breaking Muscle

FCFCFSLU Foodies Group Meetup 04JAN2015:

Volume Week 1/5 through 1/10

Are you a fan of Lil Woody’s? Sheena, Appa, and Mark are regulars there.

Appa Lil WoodysWe’re collaborating this week with the crew at Lil Woody’s to offer a deal to all athletes, both and past and present! They have created a “Resolution Burger” for the new year and they would love to have you try it. If you show up in your FCF/SLU apparel, they’ll give you 15% off your entire bill!


    1211 Pine St. Seattle, WA 98101


    2040 NW Market St. Seattle WA 98107



– Promotion is valid Tuesday, Jan 6 through Monday, Jan 12.
– Wear our apparel (t-shirt or hoody) and tell the cashier you’d like the Foundation CrossFit or CrossFit SLU discount.
– Discount is 15% off the ENTIRE bill for those of you who want to add crack fries or milk shakes (for those lifters who want to bulk up!).
– Those who purchase the Resolution Burger will receive one entry into a Foundations Program raffle. If you win, you can share this with a friend, or get a free month on your membership!
– The Resolution Burger is a turkey patty, turkey bacon, tomato, avocado, in a lettuce wrap.



– back squat 1×20
– tabata thrusters
– pullup ladder
– 10×3 box jump
– JT
– handstand development
– 3-2-1 position snatch EMOM
– back squat 1×20
– alternating split jerk/slam ball/”parallette” pushup


Super overhead banded distraction:

Elevated Samson Stretch:

Banded Chair Stretch:

Prayer Stretch:


The Virtuoso, A CrossFit Rant – The Sarah Jenkins
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Deload Week 12/22 through 12/27

CrossFit SLU holiday hours

2014 CFSLU Holiday Hours

Foundation CrossFit holiday hours

Holiday Hours 2014-15 FCF

Training on Tap:

– back squat 1×20
– snatch/burpee
– handstand development
– twisting medicine ball lunge/pullup/slam ball
– 12 Days of CrossFit
– deadlift 1×5

Short week due to Christmas. Try tabata planks, tabata batwings, tabata burpees, tabata squats, tabata batwings!


Is This Where the Seahawks Era Starts? – Grantland (from September 2014)
– Beware Union Triangle: Captiol Hill’s Current Car Prowl Hot Spot – Capitol Hill Seattle
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Max Week 12/15 through 12/20

Super fun weekend!

FCFCFSLU Pub Crawl 2014FCFCFSLU Pub Crawl 2014

HYFR Squat at the 2014 Bellevue Interbay ThrowdownHYFR Squad takes 11th out of 52 teams at the Bellevue Interbay Throwdown

KB Robyn Agerbomb 2014KB and Robyn attend Andrea Ager’s seminar

and of course, another SEAHAWKS win!

Testing on Tap
– back squat
– bench press 1RM
– snatch 1RM
– clean 1RM
– handstand development
– max front squat
– max L-sit (hang or support)
– 500m row for time
– 2 minutes max calorie AirDyne
– 2 minutes max double unders


Why Your Approach to Fixing Your Lower Back Is Making It Worse – Breaking Muscle
28 Months On Mars – NY Times
– The Paleo Diet: Eat This, Not That – The Paleo Diet
Zen and the Art of Double Unders – Tabata Times
We Used Amazon For Lunch Delivery and Here’s What Happened – Geekwire
– A History of the Sentance “Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo” – University of Buffalo
Russell Wilson’s Worst Game and the Importance of the All-22 in Evaluating Quarterback Play – FieldGulls
An Epic Mac and Cheese Taste Test – The Stranger
NPR Music’s 50 Favorite Albums of 2014 – NPR
– HE WAS RIGHT ABOVE FCF! Stevie Wonder on Capitol Hill – Capitol Hill Seattle

Skills Week 12/1 through 12/6

This Friday is the CFSLU 3-Year Anniversary party!



Photo Dec 01, 3 12 52 PM

If you hadn’t noticed, we cleared out the FCF Push Up Prop wall about a week and a half ago. Where did they go? They were given to its owners! If you received a push up prop in your journal (if you didn’t, it’s in the pen mug near the cubbies and bulletin board at the back of the gym) how did it make you feel? Appreciated? Happy? Grateful? Hopefully all of the above!

Since the wall is empty and since it’s Thanksgiving week, whether you celebrate it or not, take a moment to take a hand and recognize someone you work out / sweat / learn/ suffer with. We hope that we can create a ripple effect with this. If you receive one, spread the love by writing one for someone. Let’s do the same with the Kettlebell Compliments at SLU!

– squat 3×5+
– kettlebell swing/pullup
– bench press 3×5+
– TEAM alternating split jerk/slam ball/alternating plyo pushup
– handstand development
– EMOM 3-2-1-part pausing snatch
– thruster 5×3+
– row/db snatch/jumping lunges
– deadlift 1×5
– WODfest 2014 Open Individual Final Event
– 12 Days of CrossFit

We will also do the 12 Days of CrossFit again on Christmas Eve!

Get Strong Strength Training (5/3/1) – Muscle For Life
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The Central District Harvesters of Alleycat Acres Plant Seed of Idea For Neighborhood Pocket Farms – Capitol Hill Seattle
Strongman Profile: Siegmund Klein Teaches Us a Different Way to Squat – Breaking Muscle
THACKER B Warmup – Foundation CrossFit on YouTube

Thanksgiving Week 11/24 through 11/29


– Thursday 11/27: 10am only at FCF, CFSLU closed. All FCFCFSLU athletes are welcome to that 10am class!
– Friday 11/28: 9am, 10am, and 11am for both FCF and CFSLU

We are having a Black Friday week sale at both gyms. It today (11/24) through Saturday (11/29). We will run these retail sheets next Monday, December 1st.

FCFCFSLU Black Friday Week Sale

Everything is 25% off (this includes zip hoodies, Theracanes, Strideline socks, t-shirts, athletic tape, lacrosse balls, compression sleeves, and more). Select items are 50% off:

– Red shirts at SLU
– Neon green shirts at FCF
– All XS and XL items

Apparel will be set up on the Reebok stand this week and will go back to its normal spot next Monday.

To purchase, simply peel off the item sticker and stick it to the retail store sheet.

Training on Tap:
– back squat 5RM
– handstand strength
– push press 1RM
– pullup/t2b/jumping lunges
– front squat 1RM

‘Text Neck’ is Becoming an “Epidemic” and Could Wreck Your Spine – The Washington Post
What Should Fitness Professionals Understand About Pain & Injury – Exercise Biology
Addicted to Fatigue – Bret Contreras
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Man Makes 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand For Son For Only $10 – IFLS
Coming to the 12th Avenue Arts Complex: Rachel’s Ginger Beer – Seattle Met

‘E:60′ Catching Kayla – ESPN