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FCF Athlete Spotlight: Bryan D. (1+2/3)


  • Are you from Seattle? If not, where are you originally from? No, from a suburb of Detroit
  • When is your birthday? May
  • What do you do for work? Doctor
  • What do you like to do for fun? Leisure, reading, neighborhood strolls, working in my p-patch garden, sleeping/napping, travel!
  • What made you decide to give CrossFit a try? How long have you been with us? Since February 2011 after a former FCF athlete/patient recommended I try it!
  • What is the best thing about CrossFit? Bro Free Zone


  • What class time do you usually go to? Mornings at 11 or noon 
  • If you could only do one movement for exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Backsquat
  • Do you have a favorite benchmark WOD? “Nancy”
  • What’s your most recent PR? 90kg clean
  • What are you goals for the next 3 months? Strengthen my side butt muscles!
  • What encouragement or advice would you give to new people coming in? “Get it!”

REMINDER: Festivus Saturday at SLU

Friendly reminder that Festivus is going down at SLU on Saturday which means there will be no Saturday morning classes held there.

Classes will run as regularly scheduled at FCF, with an excellent team workout on tap!


What’s In Your Gym Bag, Isaac?


What do you carry your stuff in?

A drawstring bag (Vanderbilt Division of Student Life)

What’s in your bag?

Under armor wrist sweatbands, White Nike Romaleos 2 with a pink lace swap, Timex Ironman “Shock”, Rogue S-1 Short Handle jump rope, knee sleeves, Lilly’s purple ball (for playing fetch, not rolling out), band-aids, a Ped-Egg (you have to take care of your hands!), athletic tape, a normal blender bottle (strawberry protein, creatine), a small blender bottle (pre-workout) and a sweet potato (post-workout).

Anything that you are particularly fond of?

My sweet potato! Duh.

What is on your wish list?

I would love to have a heart rate monitor!


Thanks Isaac (FCF)!

What’s In YOUR Gym Bag is our take on an athlete’s everyday carry, or small collection of gear/tools/clothing that are carried on a daily basis to assist your fitness endeavors in the gym at Foundation CrossFit/CrossFit SLU and abroad.

Want to share yours? Email us with a subject line “WIYGB”

What’s In Your Gym Bag, Jared?


What do you carry your gear in?

I have a modular bag system from Mission Workshop and I stuff everything in that. Everything in the shoes goes into a small pouch that straps to the outside of the backpack

What’s inside?

Black Nike Romaleos 2, a pair of gloves (just in case I want to protect my hands and good for sledge hammers), athletic tape, nail clippers, weightlifting straps, and a standard jump rope with orange handles. Occasionally I’ll put a specialty piece of gear in there like a lacrosse ball if I’m traveling. I had some wrist wraps in there when I hurt my left wrist but I don’t need them anymore because I do my wrist prep on a regular basis.

What’s on your wishlist?

I want my own pair of barbell clamps and some more tights!

Thanks Jared!

Jaredphoto by Mark Malijan

What’s In YOUR Gym Bag is our take on an athlete’s everyday carry, or small collection of gear/tools/clothing that are carried on a daily basis to assist your fitness endeavors in the gym at Foundation CrossFit/CrossFit SLU and abroad.

Want to share yours? Email us with a subject line “WIYGB”

SLU Athlete Spotlight: Rica R. (1/3)

-Are you from Seattle? If not, where are you originally from?

San Francisco! Everyone should know that by now ;)image003

-When is your birthday?

February 17.. not sure if I really have the personality traits of an Aquarius though? Idk, everyone else would know better than I.

-What do you do for work?

I buy baby clothes. Literally. (aka Buyer in the Infant division at zulily)

-What do you like to do for fun?

Talk about opening a can of worms.. where do I start?! I love food so wining and dining with loved ones is at the top of the list, and duh, baseball. Man I can’t wait for summer because everything under the sun is fun. Music festivals and live shows are probably my owning my bank account right now.

-What made you decide to give CrossFit a try? How long have you been with us?

My friend Joe back home kept telling me I’d like it and my girlfriend Noelle’s triceps convinced me. I woke up one Saturday morning at 10:45 and ran over to the last 11 am orientation for the May Foundations class! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY BEEN 11 MONTHS!!!

-What is the best thing about CrossFit SLU?

The community, hands down. My gym fam make it seem like the Seattle Freeze isn’t real ;) I’ve made some life-long friends and memories that I’ll forever cherish. Shout out to THE CIRCLE OF TRUST! <3image018

Upcoming Events – April 2015

CALL TO ALL SLU ATHLETES If you haven’t already completed our survey, please do so! This will help us plan a smooth transition for athletes transferring to FCF as well as provide suggestions for those not transferring to FCF. We have some surprises in store, and it would help us if every SLU athlete fills this out. UPCOMING CALENDAR OF EVENTS – 04/18 SATURDAY 9AM – 3PM: Festivus Games hosted by CrossFit SLU – a competition for novice and intermediate athletes only! This will be the last competition hosted by CrossFit SLU. Come out to show your sportsmanship for your gym and community! Check out the FB event here.  We still have spots left for Men’s Novice division! We are seeking volunteers/ judges for the event. If you are interested, please email us. There will be no regular classes on 04/18 at SLU. SLU athletes welcome at FCF. Please RSVP. – 05/01 FRIDAY 5:30PM – 9PM The last SLU First Friday BBQ! Mimosa’s for the AM crew and BBQ for the PM crew. Bring some meat for the grill and don’t forget the veggies too! Let’s make this the largest one yet! Hit the WOD hard, then hangout, relax, and eat meat! -FIRST WEEK OF MAY [4 – 8th]: Athlete Appreciation Week! Each day we will have a theme (stay tuned) and we’ll be giving out some freebies too! We will finish off Athlete Appreciation week with Champagne Friday (05/08)! – 05/29 FRIDAY 6:30PM: FAREWELL PARTY. Doors open at 6PM, party starts at 6:30PM. Potluck & BYOB. Please bring a dish to share or some meat for the BBQ. Everyone is welcome. All past and present CFSLU & FCF athletes, as well as friends and family! No afternoon/ evening classes. – 05/30 SATURDAY: No classes at SLU. All SLU athletes welcome to classes at FCF. RSVP! MEMBERSHIPS As a reminder, as a token of appreciation to all the athletes that remain with us through May at CrossFit SLU, we will be extending a 20% discount off your SLU May memberships as a way of saying Thank you! To ease the transition, all current SLU athletes transferring to FCF will also receive a 20% discount off their June memberships at FCF! Regular SLU grandfathered rates will resume as of July and you will retain those rates as long as you remain a member. Have you filled out our survey yet?

A Note From Megan K

To my gym fam:

As most of you have heard by now, this coming Friday, April 3 will be my last day at the gym- for now! My wife Sara and I will be flying down to the Mexican border via San Diego, slapping the fence, and turning right around to make our way to Canada on foot. Our goal is to through-hike the Pacific Crest Trail, 2,663 miles over about six months. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be back in Seattle by the end of September, and I’ll be back to coaching at Foundation CrossFit.

This Friday is also First Friday, so make sure to come by CFSLU for the evening to enjoy the workout, drink champagne, and eat some of Grill Mama Coleena’s BBQ!


Guys, I know I’ll only be gone for a little while, but I’m going to miss you all a lot! It has been such an honor and a privilege to be your trainer this past year and fellow athlete and friend these past two. I first took Foundations in January 2013, bored of my 24 Hour Fitness routine and missing the community and camaraderie that comes with being on a team. I played sports in college (I was terrible) but it wasn’t until I found CrossFit that I hit my stride; I make awful decisions on the field but if you point me at a barbell and tell me what to do, that I can do. CrossFit brought variety and purpose to my workout; the FCFCFSLU community gave me a home base in Seattle.


A year ago, I was in the middle of burning out at Amazon and in full-on quarter life crisis mode. I joined Amazon as a machine learning recruiter in order to apply my background in engineering to people problems; in the end, it just felt like I was using people. Coming off of this, working as a trainer with you all has been so wonderful. It’s incredibly refreshing to provide a service that is genuinely appreciated, to build these reciprocal relationships, and to see you all progress as athletes. The human body is an incredible, complex machine, and I have had so much fun problem solving and learning with all of you.


Thank you athletes, for making this community so rich and strong. Thank you for showing up, for listening, and for working hard. Thank you for just “getting it” when I as a trainer struggle to get my thoughts into words, for your weird body quirks, your inflexibilities, and your bad habits that push my problem solving skills – that’s what makes this so interesting! Thank you for letting me be a protective mother hen in Foundations and for letting me push you out of your comfort zone as you grow as athletes. Thank you for being so damn strong, so damn fast, and so damn good at what you do. And finally, thank you to the coaches and staff who have taught me so much about being a trainer and an athlete, and who have led and rallied this community. You are genuinely wonderful people and it has been a pleasure to work alongside you.


But it’s only about six months (and hopefully not much less!). My last day at the gym for now will be Friday, April 3, at the First Friday workout and BBQ at SLU. If you would like to follow our progress on the trail, you can do so on Facebook and our blog – we’ll update via our cell phones every week or so in town. If you’d like to send us a care package or words of encouragement, you can find contact info in the “Contact us” section of the blog. Thank you!


Looking forward to seeing you in the fall as slightly tanner, fitter versions of yourselves and until then,


CrossFit Endurance at Foundation

Announcing 2015 endurance training! It looks like we’ve weathered the worst of this extremely mild winter, it’s time to get back outside. If you’re interested in running, biking or even swimming, this post is for you. Starting the last week of March, we’ll begin leading Crossfit Endurance training from FCF.

What is Crossfit Endurance? If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s pretty much as it sounds: a Crossfit approach to endurance training. In the words of Brian MacKenzie (the founder of CFE): “First, it is a training program that requires less time and less pounding on the pavement, reducing the chance of injury. More important, it is the means to building and sustaining overall good health. One of the central ideas behind CrossFit Endurance is replacing long aerobic runs with short, hard bouts of effort. But CrossFit Endurance is also about health and sustainability too, and incorporates nutrition, mobility and balance.”

Any why are we doing this? Everyone has their own reason, but here are a few good excuses to get started:
* Summertime in Seattle means fun runs and obstacle races. Think Warrior Dash, Beat the Bridge, Color Run, Warrior Dash, etc. Ever wanted to try one? This is a great way to get prepared.
* This summer we’ll be hosting our very own (and very informal) sprint triathlon. Details coming soon, but if you want a taste of a long distance event (and you’re going to be in Seattle this July), this should be a fun introduction.
* Colin is running a half Ironman in the middle of August and is hoping to find a few other brave souls to join him. Even if you don’t want to commit to that, these training runs are a great way to see what’s involved in training for a long multi-sport event.

We’ll start off focusing on running, but as the weather improves (and the days get longer), we’ll add bike rides and even the occasional swim in Lake Washington. If you’re interested, please fill out this survey:

We’ll be in touch with you soon with more details.

What’s In Your Gym Bag MacGregor?

YGB 03 2015 - MacGregor

The items I typically keep at the gym are my lifting shoes, wrist wraps, gymnastics grips, and athletic tape. These all fit well within my shoes on the shelf and are my most used items. I also have gear at home that I bring in as needed (e.g. jump rope, headband, shin guards, etc.). If I had a lifting belt or knee sleeves I might leave them at the gym, but I don’t really use those.

– I got lifting shoes for the stability and secure base mostly while squatting. Now, I use them a bunch for everything from wall balls to “ISABEL”.
– My wrist wraps give me just a little more wrist support (particularly for snatching) but are also quite effective at keeping my hands sweat free.
– I use my gymnastics grips all the time to protect my hands during high volume pull-up workouts or toes-to-bar. These are essential and, as a result, I never tear.
– Lastly, I always make sure to have some athletic tape in the gym to protect my thumb from hook gripping during olympic lifts.

MacGregor racking a barbell

MacGregor H – CrossFit SLU

What’s In YOUR Gym Bag is our take on an athlete’s everyday carry, or small collection of gear/tools/clothing that are carried on a daily basis to assist your fitness endeavors in the gym at Foundation CrossFit/CrossFit SLU and abroad.

Want to share yours? Email us with a subject line “YGB!”

SLU Athlete Spotlight: Brandon C. (3/3)


  • What made you decide to give CrossFit a try?
    I stumbled on it accidentally when I took up rock climbing in 2008 and joined a climbing gym that also featured a small affiliate (CrossFit East Bay). I got very excited when I saw tire flipping photos!
  • How long have you been with us? / What keeps you coming to our gym?
    One year and one month! I love every trainer on the staff and pretty much all of the members too (I think I still haven’t met some of the morning regulars)…I work alone all day, so the gym is a pretty important outlet at the end of the day.
  • What class time do you usually go to?
    6:30 pm, although I just went to my first 6 am class this morning. Words of advice: don’t go to your first morning class when you will be doing Fight Gone Bad…
  • Do you have a favorite CrossFit exercise? Least favorite?
    Ooh…yes, squats. And burpees, just because I like to be a contrarian.
  • What’s your most recent PR?
    Diane… I’m not so good at HSPUs, but Jared’s advice literally took 5 minutes off of my previous best time.
  • What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? How has your performance changed with your increased fitness?
    Lots…basketball, skiing, running, lacrosse, rock climbing, tennis are some favorites.