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Max Wednesday 5/20

with a running clock lift every minute on the minute then add weight:
– beginning with an empty bar HANG SNATCH for as long as possible
– when you can no longer hang snatch, HANG CLEAN for as long as possible

No more than 5 attempts at a particular weight. Jump in weight however you like, but lift EVERY minute.

Post maxes to comments!

2 rounds, 60sec/each:
– tib ant stretch
– wall calf stretch
– weighted pike stretch


– super pigeon, 1min/position/side

A. 5min of AirDyne, then

5 rounds of
5-7 box jump overs, 24/20″
5-7 ring dips (or negatives)
2 k2e + 2 t2B + 2 pullup + muscle-up (to be done consecutively- try rings today if you did the bar on Monday. if not, use the bar.)

B. do your squats! then

10 sets:
1 front lunge + 2 TnG split jerks. use racks.

C. strict handstand pushup work! let’s see how the headstand development has affected your hspu skill transfer

D. CompEx Session MetCon – 6:30pm at Foundation CrossFit


Mobility Monday: KB Achilles Roll

KB achiles1 WHAT The KB Roll uses the kettlebell to work out knots and trouble spots, as well as increasing flexibility in the Achilles tendon and low calf. WHY Calf mobility is needed to reach the bottom of the full squats: back squats front squats, overhead squats, full snatches, full cleans, wall ball, thusters, pistols (!), etc. Not to mention running, double unders, box jumping, toes-to-bar, among others. The Achilles in particular often gets so tight the skin around the tendon can hardly move. It’s a crucial spot that is easy to forget. HOW 1. Start with the KB handle at the bottom of the Achilles where it attaches to the heel 2. SLOWLY, and with much control, do about 10-15 reps per position of: pointing the toe straight down, rolling the ankle outward externally (pinky toe's direction) so it is facing away from your resting leg, rolling the foot to point internally (big toe's direction)

KB achiles3_toe point forwardcentered

KB achiles4_externalexternal

KB achiles2_insideinternal

3. If you find a knot, breathe deep and let your muscles relax over the KB handle. Do not try to mush it down. 4. Slowly move up the Achilles (toward the knee) to the bottom of the calf repeating the above. Feel free to go all the way up the calf to right below the knee joint. 5. Spend about 2-3 minutes per side. Retest and enjoy!