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Skills Wednesday 5/27

for max total reps:
– 1min ME power swings, 24/16kg
– 1min rest
– AMRAP in 10 minutes: 10 burpees, 10 alternating dead snatch
– 1min rest
– 1min ME power swings, 24/16kg

2 rounds:
– tib ant stretch, 1min
– wall calf stretch, 1min
– front splits, 2min

A. 2 laps around the block. try running in your lifting shoes if possible.

3 rounds of
10 weighted dislocates. go as heavy as you can control locked arms through full ROM
10 OH walking lunges, use a bar and add little weight each round. do not exceed 60/45kg
20sec of burpee pullups

B. do your squats! then 8 sets: 1 front lunge + 2 TnG split jerks. lunge ONLY with your good side then hit your jerks. go heavier than last week since you’ll do 2 less sets.

C. Level 2/CompEx Session MetCon (starts at 6:40pm)