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Foundation CrossFit – Seattle 2015-05-22 16:00:31

One more week to get all the PRs . . .

11080398_804674502942451_3173050869869667690_oAndrew, Megan, & Tony demonstrate how we feel about that.

We love ya’ll.


CrossFit SLU has given me . . . 

“…I’ve done my first pull up, kicked up into a handstand, and countless PR’s at CrossFit SLU. I’ve also made amazing friends! I’ve laughed at myself as well as along with others. Hopefully I’ve made a few days better and a lot of people smile. CrossFit SLU has also given me a good reason to drink champagne on Fridays!”

“… a community of people that are passionate about fitness and health, push each other to do things every day that you didn’t think you could accomplish, and positively influence each other.”

“…awareness of the greatness of CrossFit trainers out there. I’ve played many sports, both individual and team, and have had many coaches and trainers, and I feel very fortunate to have worked with the trainers at CrossFit SLU. I wouldn’t trade away any of these interactions. They’ve helped me learn so much about myself and how hard I can actually be pushed, and helped me to learn that I can always push myself harder even though I may think that I can’t.”

“… a variety of ways to improve my health and fitness. I love the offered yoga and mobility sessions, they have been invaluable to me!”

“…fitness, fun, and friendship.”

“…a better knowledge of fitness, my capabilities, diet, and what it takes to get to my fitness goals. Some cool friends and experiences. Hopefully some friends or lasting connections. Lots of new fitness PR’s. Appreciation for good coaches and their knowledge around movement and how to give proper feedback.”

“…you guys killed it each morning. Sorry to see it go!”

“…friends!, Love, squats!!, snatch work, a new way to look at working out, friends! Amazing trainers.”

“…the confidence to attempt a snatch! We never did them at my old box.”

“…proper technique and lifting. I feel my posture has significantly improved and I am much more mindful of optimizing my form for maximum work, strength, and safety.”

“…good workouts. good WOD buddies. a big jump in my DL pr. (and a couple others too).”

“…a great community and many fond memories.”

Some Party Info & More Appreciation!

55611_391431577600081_1557707544_oLiability Larry


78322_391434727599766_1751441238_oYoung Ellie B


It’s party time!

Last week we sent out heart felt thank-you cards along with a formal invitation to our party. If you didn’t get one, you’re still invited!
Please join us as we celebrate and send off CFSLU with a bang! Everyone is welcome!
Our last day of classes will be Thursday, May 28th

SLU invitation

CrossFit SLU has given me . . . 

“…a new gym that I felt very welcomed to go to. I appreciate the staff and athletes being so friendly and welcoming.”

“…so much confidence and strength and endurance!”

“…insight into the benefits of weight training.”

“…an introduction to a lot of great people!”

“…by attending SLU over the past two years I’ve learned that I’m so much stronger than I give myself credit for, and I mean this more than just physically. While I continue to PR, I also find myself pushing past my self-imposed limits. When I might have stopped before, now I do my best to keep going. There are things that I know I can do but I just haven’t reached yet (like muscle ups and handstands!) and SLU has provided me with an encouraging environment to try, learn, and prove this to myself. SLU has also given me some great friends, many of whom know me in an entirely different way than my non-gym friends, which is a truly incredible thing. With our time at SLU waning, every day I go to class I do my best to savor my time here. I feel lucky to have experienced such an amazing place with such genuine, strong, and inspiring people.”

“…an expansive view into the myriad ways that fitness can be mentally engaging, physically demanding, and most of all, super duper fun.”

“…double unders. And Jessie. I am going to steal her. :)”

“…CFSLU has taught me to love working out again. I don’t believe that I could ever get back into exercising at my age, but if it weren’t for CFSLU, I wouldn’t have gotten back in to shape, nor would I have built such an awesome gym at home!”

“…strength, lifelong friendships and a positive place to come to everyday.”

“…mad gainz.”

CrossFit SLU Pride

Thank you so much for participating last week in Athlete Appreciation Week. We enjoyed seeing you guys dress up (or at least attempted) for the theme-of-the-day and hopefully you guys enjoyed the goodies we gave out!

13530_817467761663125_7436768125628013825_nFavorite Sports [team] Day


Neon Day

11127639_818193588257209_4096144815864255636_nSuper Hero Day
11212158_10105194896208173_1111908018163493159_oSuper Woman Francine & Wonder Woman Varsha

11169845_818320881577813_3583549194467250356_nCheck out that Captain America Shield!

10996081_818448981565003_9089320763896313105_nCool / Funky Socks Day
11205013_818581524885082_3255246280513037719_n 11255521_818595848216983_4688426417627162589_n

We take pride in what we do and it shows with all of the hard work you do and success you achieve! Cheers to the rest of the month here.

CrossFit SLU has given me . .

“…I wrote this after my 1st year at CrossFit – so much of it remains true. It was originally a Top 10, but grew into a Top 13 (because we do more of anything we do!)


1. 100 of something ain’t THAT bad, especially when you compare to the 260 of something you did the day before.
2. Burpees still suck, even if you get better at them.
3. Male gymnasts can definitely be called “superfit ninjas”. Anyone that can bend and hold themselves in those positions has my respect.
4. I can never name my child FRAN (or DIANE for that matter). LYNNE is still on the table though.
5. You can always get in one more rep with a few seconds left on the clock.
6. Only in CrossFit will you find workouts with titles that contain “Death by”, “Filthy Fifties” and “Giving Birth”.
7. Doing something you suck at over and over will make you suck at it less. Then one day you may just may find yourself doing it well.
8. CrossFit allows you to do stuff the NY Times says you shouldn’t be able to do.
9. Dreaming of CrossFit workouts is not uncommon. Whether those are happy dreams or nightmares is another story.
10. It’s no longer a surprise to me when I perform a squat or two to pass the time waiting in line especially when certain songs come on.
11. Foundations is like the “Cheers” of gyms – it’s a place you can go where everyone knows your name and isn’t afraid to enthusiastically yell it at you when you need it most.
12. The movements of CrossFit will creep into your everyday life without you even knowing it. All of the sudden you will be cleaning a 50lb bag of dog food like a feather in a pet store while the guy next to you stares in awe.
13. One year of CrossFit will change your definition of what it means to be fit. Two years will change your friend’s definition of what it means to be fit.”

“…that I have learned I can be an athlete!”

“…you guys called me an athlete from the minute I walked into the gym. No one’s ever called me that before. Now when I see somebody run faster or lift heavier than me, I know most of it is just a matter of dedication and practice.”

“…SLU has finally given me something I can commit to for health and fitness on a sustained and regular basis. Thank you so much!”

“…my first muscle up, lots of snatch PRs.”

“…ever-so-slightly increased flexibility. Let’s keep working on that at FCF :)”

“…Muscle Ups. Double Unders. Better endurance. Stronger pullups. Lots of new friends.”

“…knowledge about how my body works and how to train it.”

“…I’ve gone through stretches of working out in my life, but I’ve never found the consistency because I haven’t enjoyed it enough. The trainers and athletes at SLU have made the experience one to look forward to everyday so I actually am sad to miss a workout. I like that when I first started the people actually welcomed me. You don’t get that at every gym. The group of ladies that work out there are great. I also appreciate that the trainers push us to get the most out of the workout but not at the expense of my health and wellbeing. Thanks!”

“* The ability to convert lbs to kgs and vice versa
* The concept of journaling my progress
* Being ok with myself enough to make loud noises when lifting shit
* Being able to do most of the named workouts RX, something that seemed so far away 1.5 years ago
* The confidence to compete in novice events
Thanks so much guys! I’m much better off than I was.”

Well we want to thank YOU all for such an awesome time. Without you CFSLU would have never come into existence.

May Athlete Spotlight..

Now that May has arrived we decided to give many thanks to all of our CrossFit SLU athletes in place of our usual athlete spotlight. Before we close our doors at the end of the month, we need to continue sweating it out with our swole-mates, celebrate more PR’s, give/receive all of the high fives, get our mobility on, earn that “RX” on the whiteboard, earn that number one spot on the leaderboard, and so much more.

We’re so happy and honored to feel the love and support from you all. We cannot thank you guys enough for making our community what it is: a fun, safe, inspiring, and strong group of people who love to work out hard and party just as hard! As we share quotes pulled from your feedback surveys, please know that we are so appreciative of your sentiments and contribution to our community over the years. It’s hard to put into words but the feeling is mutual.


CrossFit SLU has given me . . . 

“…skill, confidence, respect for form and stability over speed and volume.”

“…a better appreciation of the unique ways that sweat can pool around you on a rubber floor.”

“…you guys have really created such a community of athletes and they welcome all new athletes. It’s sometimes hard to start at a new gym and not know anyone and CrossFit SLU really encouraged the camaraderie.”

“…mobility! Its so freakin’ important, and I probably would have avoided my knee injury had I been doing that in the first place. Thank you for always having all of the stuff we need to roll out, etc. And thanks to Tony for always showing me the newest toy and how to use it!”

“…the ability to push myself to the limits, knowledge to begin the life long lesson of learning to lift, courage to try things I never thought I could do (handstand push up, kipping pull up), and an awesome group of hard working, athletic, fun friends!”

“…my discovery of a healthy lifestyle! Before starting at SLU, I hadn’t been in shape since high school. Through my training there, I discovered that I could get back to being as active as I wanted to be and figuring out the best methods to take care of myself, eat better and be ready to do it all again the next day. That truly was my first thought when I got the closure email, that a huge positive influence on my life over the last 3 years would be going away and how would it be possible to replace that? No matter where I end up, FCF or otherwise, y’all have really changed my life, so thank all y’all for that.”

“…constant encouragement from the staff, delicious food on First Fridays, a home away from home after working alone in my apartment all day (I know, rough life)…but again fortunately I’ll see many of you at Foundation!”

“…I actually think about this a lot. SLU has made me part of a community and helped facilitate life long friendships. For that I will always be grateful. I think that it has given me mental toughness and I know that I can conquer any challenge, not just in the gym but outside of it. It is part of who I am as a person and one of the best decisions I ever made in my life was to join SLU. I am extremely thankful.”

“…good experiences and stories to share.”

“…a rekindling of the fact that “going to the gym” doesn’t have to be a horrible chore. :)”

“…tons. Too much to fit in this little virtual box. I’ll bring a metric ton of chalk to the gym and go to town on the chalkboard wall instead.”

“…permission to be at peace with working out at MY level of ability and not be concerned or worried that others will look down on me for not doing everything as prescribed. And it’s been an amazing place to come at 6am, before the sun rises and wake myself up with great people! CFSLU is better than coffee!”

FCF Athlete Spotlight: Bryan Dryer (3/3)


  • Favorite place to go out for dinner? Tallulah’s
  • If you could have any super power, what would it be? That I could actually Hibernate!
  • As a kid, what was your ideal dream job? Archaeologist for dinosaurs.
  • If you could do one thing with your life (without limitations – i.e. money isn’t an issue) what would it be? Be a househusband!
  • Do you have any siblings? Three siblings! One in Detroit, one in Chicago, one in Germany.
  • Top three favorite movies? Beetlejuice, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, & Sound of Music.
  • Current favorite song? Tim McGraw ‘Diamond Rings and Old Barstools’
  • Any fun facts about yourself that your gym-mates don’t know about you? I really enjoy the the US Weekly section “They’re Just Like Us” and NYT section “Metropolitan Diary”
  • What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? Not working out and some occasional hot yoga and indoor cycling.
  • Quote to live by? Whatever my therapist says.
  • Who inspires you? Brene Brown


SLU Athlete Spotlight: Rica R. (3/3)

Favorite place to go out for dinner? AHHHHHHHHHHHH this one is tough! Revel & Tsukushinbo (don’t try to jack my seat at the bar now..) and Amelie in both SF & NYC are do or die when I’m in town.

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Flight, hand down.

As a kid, what was your ideal dream job? You know, I wanted to be a teacher, but I think that was just a lie I told my preschool teacher. Then I said I wanted to be like my aunt (she had an office job) and well, here I am sitting at a desk 24/7…………. (I always picture AB’s hunched over, fake typing demo when I think about that haha)

If you could do one thing with your life (without limitations – i.e. money isn’t an issue) what would it be? Travel!

Do you have any siblings? I have a younger sister and, yes, I try to convince her to do crossfit hahaha


Top three favorite movies? OOOOOOOO so tough! I love blood, guns, guts, glory, explosions, car chases, shoot em up movies.. Bad Boys 1 & 2 were pretty funny. Any of the Die Hards.. Have you seen Shooter? I swear I saw that movie like 5 times in a month. And I hate tear jerkers but ugh, The Notebook was SO good. I know that was more than 3 J but side note: I just recently saw Top Gun and dayummmmmmm Tom Cruise was lookin fiiiiiiiiiiiine 20 years ago! Hahahahahaha!


Current favorite song? Goodbye by Who Is Fancy


Any fun facts about yourself that your gym-mates don’t know about you? I enjoy reading and have a lofty goal of finishing 24 books this year (eek!). I love photography and can often be found looking like this:


What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? How has your performance changed with your increased fitness? Cycling is my jam (rode a century within 6 months of buying my bike!) but recently, Noor made me fall in love with hot yoga, where strength gained (gainz bruh!) from barbells and such translate so well on the mat!


Quote to live by? “The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost


Who inspires you? I’m very much so inspired by my sister and my girlfriends – they’re all incredibly strong, independent, successful, funny as sh*t and beautiful inside & out!


SLU Athlete Spotlight: Rica R. (2/3)

  • What class time do you usually go to? 630 or bust. Unless it’s a Wednesday, then I’ll shoot for 530 to make the 630 mobility class.
  • If you could only do one movement for exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Squats on Squats on Squats
  • Do you have a favorite benchmark WOD? ANNIE! I loveeeeee me some cardio (right, Zeb? J) and it’s literally one of the few WODs you can do ANYWHERE.


  • What’s your most recent PR? Bodyweight back squat :) I think I’ll be PR’ing that again sometime soon cause the 5-3-1 cycle we’ve been on is killer.
  • What are you goals for the next 3 months? Well I finally want to join the pull up club! A bodyweight clean would be sweet. So close! 16kg American KBS as a working weight.
  • What encouragement or advice would you give to new people coming in? Form over everything and MOST DEFINITELY take the time to mobilize after class! It’s SO worth it.

FCF Athlete Spotlight: Bryan D. (1+2/3)


  • Are you from Seattle? If not, where are you originally from? No, from a suburb of Detroit
  • When is your birthday? May
  • What do you do for work? Doctor
  • What do you like to do for fun? Leisure, reading, neighborhood strolls, working in my p-patch garden, sleeping/napping, travel!
  • What made you decide to give CrossFit a try? How long have you been with us? Since February 2011 after a former FCF athlete/patient recommended I try it!
  • What is the best thing about CrossFit? Bro Free Zone


  • What class time do you usually go to? Mornings at 11 or noon 
  • If you could only do one movement for exercise for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Backsquat
  • Do you have a favorite benchmark WOD? “Nancy”
  • What’s your most recent PR? 90kg clean
  • What are you goals for the next 3 months? Strengthen my side butt muscles!
  • What encouragement or advice would you give to new people coming in? “Get it!”

SLU Athlete Spotlight: Rica R. (1/3)

-Are you from Seattle? If not, where are you originally from?

San Francisco! Everyone should know that by now ;)image003

-When is your birthday?

February 17.. not sure if I really have the personality traits of an Aquarius though? Idk, everyone else would know better than I.

-What do you do for work?

I buy baby clothes. Literally. (aka Buyer in the Infant division at zulily)

-What do you like to do for fun?

Talk about opening a can of worms.. where do I start?! I love food so wining and dining with loved ones is at the top of the list, and duh, baseball. Man I can’t wait for summer because everything under the sun is fun. Music festivals and live shows are probably my owning my bank account right now.

-What made you decide to give CrossFit a try? How long have you been with us?

My friend Joe back home kept telling me I’d like it and my girlfriend Noelle’s triceps convinced me. I woke up one Saturday morning at 10:45 and ran over to the last 11 am orientation for the May Foundations class! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S ALREADY BEEN 11 MONTHS!!!

-What is the best thing about CrossFit SLU?

The community, hands down. My gym fam make it seem like the Seattle Freeze isn’t real ;) I’ve made some life-long friends and memories that I’ll forever cherish. Shout out to THE CIRCLE OF TRUST! <3image018

SLU Athlete Spotlight: Brandon C. (3/3)


  • What made you decide to give CrossFit a try?
    I stumbled on it accidentally when I took up rock climbing in 2008 and joined a climbing gym that also featured a small affiliate (CrossFit East Bay). I got very excited when I saw tire flipping photos!
  • How long have you been with us? / What keeps you coming to our gym?
    One year and one month! I love every trainer on the staff and pretty much all of the members too (I think I still haven’t met some of the morning regulars)…I work alone all day, so the gym is a pretty important outlet at the end of the day.
  • What class time do you usually go to?
    6:30 pm, although I just went to my first 6 am class this morning. Words of advice: don’t go to your first morning class when you will be doing Fight Gone Bad…
  • Do you have a favorite CrossFit exercise? Least favorite?
    Ooh…yes, squats. And burpees, just because I like to be a contrarian.
  • What’s your most recent PR?
    Diane… I’m not so good at HSPUs, but Jared’s advice literally took 5 minutes off of my previous best time.
  • What outside-the-gym activities you like to participate in? How has your performance changed with your increased fitness?
    Lots…basketball, skiing, running, lacrosse, rock climbing, tennis are some favorites.