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What’s In Your Gym Bag Andrew?


What do you carry your stuff in?
Usually my double tap 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 pack, sometimes my Osprey Momentum 34.

What’s in your bag?
I usually always carry my Mechanix gloves, Rehband knee sleeves, Rogue Fitness weightlifting belt, shaker bottle with BSN or SFH protein powder, Nike Romaleo weightlifting shoes, iPad mini, emergency phone charger, Boogie Wipes, Field Notes journal for note keeping/idea storing, voodoo band, Goat tape, athletic tape, cedar block for keeping the bag fresh, an RPM iump rope (thaks Cheryl), and emergency protein.

I also carry an extra Julia in case I need a pick me up or some more encouragement during a workout!

Anything that you are particularly fond of? What is on your wish list?
Boogie Wipes! Sometimes I have to do something straight after working out and if showers are out of the picture these things help in a pinch. They’re made for babies so they’re soft and smell nice, but are surprisingly strong.

Andrew by Mark MalijanAndrew B is the head training of FCFCFSLU

What’s In YOUR Gym Bag is our take on an athlete’s everyday carry, or small collection of gear/ tools/clothing that are carried on a daily basis to assist your fitness endeavors in the gym at Foundation CrossFit/CrossFit SLU and abroad.

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