12 Days of CrossFit: DEM LEGS

Calling all laaaaaaadddies!

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We all know that CrossFit women have crazy strong legs. Sometimes it can be tough to find bottoms to fit all that muscle in. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites from our community.

Old Navy Active
From Nicole B: “A few of you have asked me where I get my workout leggings from… Old Navy! They make really great compression leggings, they’re really affordable, and they stay in place during a workout. Two types that are in my wardrobe now: “BLACKJACK” and “VICTORIAN BLUE
(NOTE: I don’t recommend the “CARBON” colored leggings, as they seem to use a stiffer fabric for those) ($20-$30, Old Navy)

Moving Comfort Urban Gym Tight
From Megan P: “My FAVORITE tight ever. Moving Comfort is a brand by Brooks so they really get running and cross training. The top is a thick non-muffin top liner with several pockets for stowing keys or an ID for a run. They are thick enough that I don’t feel like every curve is outlined, but breathable enough to run in muggy weather.” ($65, Moving Comfort)

Lightweight, fashionable spandex leggings for yoga, running, and other sports. They come in super fun colors and pay particular attention to: high waists to prevent muffin tops and contoured shaping in the crotch region so no sagging or too tightness. ($53, Lineage)

Nike Pro Shorts
From Ann-Marie D: “I like to wear these under sweatpants so I’m super warm by the time I start a workout! They have different lengths so those with thick thighs can choose between shorty shorts riding up or longer shorts staying put. I prefer in between.” ($28, Nike)