8-Week Pullup Ladder

Here is the corrected version of our pullup ladder:

8-Week Pullup Ladder (corrected)


Volume was off in the first one. Apologies!

Remember that if you can’t make a day up at home, you can begin your session with the previous day and save “today’s” work for post-workout.

Also, feel free to drop-in to the gym just to do your pullups- street clothes and all!


Volume Week 9/15 through 9/20

What a beautiful weekend. Had a great turnout (40+) for CrossFit night at Safeco Field on Saturday with the Mariners battling the Athletics:

CrossFitNightatSafeco2014hyperactive CrossFitters don’t make for great panos

King 5 says “It’s been a hot summer across western Washington with record-breaking summer heat. Sunday’s high temperature of 86 degrees made it the 39th day this summer of high temperatures 80 degrees or higher at Sea-Tac. This breaks the all-time summer record at Sea-Tac of 38 days in 1967.”


You’ll be sweating with all of the training we have this week anyway…

Training on Tap:
- back squat 9×3 emom
- toes-to-bar/box jumps
- still rings (10-element routines)
- bench press 3×5-7
- hang power cleans/rowing
- front squat 9×3 emom
- chipper
- THE BEAR complex

- Is the Obesity Crisis Hiding the Real Problem? – TED Talks
Benchmark Workouts – CrossFit Journal
- The Clean and Jerk Rack Positions – Catalyst Athletics
- Beating the CrossFit Drug Test – T-Nation
- Are You Foam Rolling All Wrong? – Daily Burn
- A Watch Guy’s Thoughts On The Apple Watch After Seeing It In The Metal – Hodinkee
- Rob Orlando’s Bear Complex at 200lbs – CrossFit HQ’s YouTube

Acupuncture & Massage @ CrossFit SLU

CrossFit SLU is pleased to announce a partnership with two recovery and therapy specialists, providing Acupuncture and Massage services from within our facility. Both Kirby and Elise are athletes of CrossFit SLU and understand the needs of our athletes for performance, therapy, and recovery. Add this to our current offerings of Mobility classes and Yoga classes, and we have a wide array of complementary modalities to keep you fit and healthy.


Kirby Teuila Grey, Acupuncturist

Kirby Teuila Grey, owner and acupuncturist for House of Teuila, will be treating clients in our facility 2 days a week.

KirbyTeuilaGreyLACKirby’s hope is that by working at one of the best cross-fit gyms in the city, she will be supporting highly trained athletes to achieve balance and wellness through her specialties in Sports Medicine and Pain Management. Using a combination of acupuncture, tui-na medical massage, cupping, gua-sha, and herbs, Kirby has found a way to effectively and efficiently treat athletes from all backgrounds to ensure sustained health.

She specializes in both Sports Medicine/Pain Management AND Women’s Health. Click for more information, including rates for CrossFit SLU and Foundation CrossFit athletes.

For more information on these conditions, other health issues, or to schedule an appointment go to www.houseofteuila.com. You can also find her on facebook at www.facebook.com/houseofteuila

Elise Jensen, Massage Practitioner

Elise Jensen, owner and massage practitioner of Elise Jensen Massage, will be treating clients in our facility 3 days per week.

1073790_10151727649274035_436804659_oGraduating from massage school in 2008 Elise started her Journey to heal people at a young age. “It was always and still is my passion to heal people. When I was considering going to massage school, I realized how rewarding of a career it would be to help people both physically as well as emotionally and mentally. The mind finds a way of holding your everyday stress in the body. Seeing results in not only people’s aches and pains but in their lives is what keeps me going on this path. I can only keep striving to expand my knowledge and wisdom in the healing arts. When somebody approaches me to tell me what a difference I’ve made in their daily life I become filled with joy and find strength and healing myself.”

Click here for more information on massage modalities and rates for CrossFit SLU and Foundation CrossFit athletes.

Push Up Props & Kettlebell Compliments

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall. ”
― Vince Lombardi

You guys are amazing.

We cannot be more thankful for the community that we have at our gyms. You are a group of hard working people both inside and outside of the gym and that doesn’t go unnoticed! Almost every day our staff witnesses accomplishments that happen in the gym and that alone is what makes our job so rewarding. Be proud of your efforts and continue to push yourselves to get better. Be proud of your peers and their efforts and continue to push them as well! Of course, we wouldn’t have a ton of accomplishments without failing first.

“Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

Keep practicing, keep trying! We like to celebrate every little accomplishment in the gym. If you haven’t noticed, we have a pull up club and a muscle up club: if you get your first unassisted pull up or muscle up in the gym, we yell and we scream and give you high fives/hugs and then have you sign the club sheet! Naturally there can’t be a club for everything and that’s why we’ve installed the Push Up Props corner at FCF and Kettlebell Compliments wall at SLU.

Push Up Props at Foundation CrossFit, photo by Sheena C.

KB Compliments

Kettlebell Compliments at CrossFit SLU, photo by Christina A.

Use this as a place where you can appreciate your gym-mates, swoll-mates, and friends. Take a moment to recognize the work that a fellow athlete is putting in. Did you witness someone’s first pull up, muscle-up, push-up? Have you noticed someone working hard on a specific skill or even their mobility? Did someone help you improve a skill? Does someone inspire you? Write them a note and clip it on to the wall(s) at your home gym. These can be anonymous or you can sign your name! Once the wall fills up, these compliments and props will be given to the athlete to whom it belongs to. Don’t forget to celebrate your own accomplishments and ring the PR (personal best) bell!

Keep up the great work ya’ll and again, thanks for being a part of our amazing gym  community family!

Technique Week 9/8 to 9/13

BeastFest2014-6Foundation CrossFit & CrossFit SLU representing Saturday at Beast Fest 2014

What an awesome weekend! We celebrated First Friday at CrossFit SLU, had a bunch of athletes compete at Xplore CrossFit’s Beast Fest 2014 in downtown Seattle, and Sheena and Andrew volunteered their judging skills at CrossFit Felix’s ELYSIAN GAMES at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion.


1. Yoga may return to CFSLU, but we need your help! This Wednesday morning at 8am we will run a yoga class with a new instructor.

2. Wednesday is Andrew’s birthday. AND Gaylin R’s birthday. They want you to participate in #’s 3 and 4.

3. Mariner’s Night this Saturday evening! On 9/13 in the evening we will be grabbing a bunch of seats and watching King Felix mow down the Oakland Athletics. Baseball game tickets will be $35 for 100-level seats. Contact us to reserve your seats. You have until 9pm Monday evening (9/8) to confirm!

4. Prior to the M’s game Saturday, participate in Spokes For Folks: a scenic benefit bike ride down in Tukwila. (We’re doing the 8-miler.) Click here to join our team- there’s a discount code posted on flyers in the gym for 50% off the rider fee of $40 and it’s going to a great cause. You’re free to donate however much you’d like on top of that!

Finally, it’s pullup month! This means at the conclusion of your conditioning work you’ll have the chance to work on this important accessory. Zeb programmed this bad boy for you to do right before you mobilize at the end of every class.

Do this as often as you can and finish out the next eight weeks!



Download the PDF here.


Training On Tap:

- 5×5 EMOM back squats
- 200m run/rows
- still rings
- ground-to-overhead EMOM
- double under/situp/trunk extension
- “DEATH BY GYMNASTICS” (Beast Fest 2014 Team Event 2)
- 5×5 EMOM front squats
- kettlebell snatches/russian twists/box jump
- “THE FELIX” (Elysian Games 2014 Firebreather Event 2)


BeastFest2014-TeamScaledAsHellTeam Scaled As Hell representing purple and CFSLU


- 11th & Pike Inter-Block Party – Design In Public. Check out the new building and neighboring side of Foundation CrossFit this Thursday!
- How Julie Foucher Became Julie Foucher – BeyondTheWhiteboard
- 12 Graphs That Show Why People Get Fat – Authority Nutrition
- Strengthening, Lubricating, and the Ball of the Foot – Athlete Cell
- How to Properly Use Wrist Wraps – CrossFit Invictus
- Is This Where the Seahawks Era Starts? – Grantland
- How Donuts Gave Me Abs & An 80kg Snatch – Nicole Capurso

Supporting Seniors Never Gets Old!

Join Andrew and Tony and a few more of the FCF/SLU crew on an 8-mile scenic bike ride on Saturday, September 13. REGISTER HERE to join our team!

Spokes For Folks

Spokes for Folks is a charity bike ride for all rider levels. This ride offers a 40 mile round trip along bridge, rivers, and greenways with gorgeous views of Mount Rainier, an 8 mile round trip, and an All-Ages Friendly half-mile course. Riders will enjoy Celebration Stations with refreshments, bathroom breaks and cheering support teams.

route_mapAt the finish line, all riders are invited to attend a community celebration with live music, activities, entertainers, a beer garden and great food!

The 2014 event production costs have been covered by generous sponsors, so all fundraising proceeds go directly to the SHAG Community Life Foundation which connects seniors who live in affordable housing to the resources that support their independence. Enjoy a beautiful ride, eat delicious food, listen to live music AND do a good deed! What a perfect day! Come join us!

When: Saturday, September 13, 2014 8:00am to 2:00pm (Varies based on your selected distance. See website for details.)

Where: Start and end at the Tukwila Community Center. The 40-mile loop takes you south to Pacific Park in the town of Pacific – the end point of the paved Interurban Trail. Starfire Soccer Fields is the turn-around points for the 8-mile loop. The half-mile loop is along Duwamish Waterway, up around the baseball fields and back to the start point without crossing a single road.

Fee: $40 (t-shirt, food, drink and post-ride celebration) [Riders under 12 - only $5!]

FCF and SLU Athletes! We have a 50% off discount code for you at the gyms! Come on in to get the code so you can REGISTER with our team. Feel free to add any additional donation during registration.

737946_449031671835435_1475136464_oThis event is brought to you by Jate Ekmahasawasdi, Program Analyst for SHAG (Senior Housing Assistance Group). Jate is one of our long time athletes for almost 3 years now, a quiet yet hard working individual that you’ll see in our afternoon classes.


“Poor Form is Caused By…”

“… insufficient yelling.”

Says Coach Mark Rippetoe, author of acclaimed S&C texts Starting Strength, Practical Programming, Strong Enough, and Mean Ol’ Mr. Gravity.

Skylar Pond, Excellence Chiropractic