Wearable Wednesday: Hybrid Watch + Trackers

Over the last couple weeks we have looked at a handful of the top fitness trackers and smart watches both at and coming soon to a store near you. However, there is a new space popping up trying to bridge the gap between fitness tracker functions and smart watch functions. Here is a look at a couple of these hybrids.


A fitness tracking wristband plus app and cloud-computing technology, edging it into the smart watch/fitness band hybrid market. Probably the most full-feature device on the market.
-Display shows texts, FB alerts, calendar items, and Sbux bar codes to pay for your morning americano
– Constant heart rate monitoring
– GPS for accurate run/cycling tracking WITHOUT having to have your phone with you
– All the standard calorie estimates, sleep and steps plus customizable screen
– Cross platform functionality with iPhone, Android or Windows
– Syncs third party apps like MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper and provides workouts from Gold’s Gym, Shape and Men’s fitness
– Microsoft Health platform is not yet integrated to other wearables (like Jawbone or Fitbit) but it is planning to be soon
– No way to interact with notifications coming from and iPhone or Android, but full functionality with Windows
– 48 hour battery life
– Water and dust resistant, but not water proof enough for the shower
– Not super attractive and band is a bit uncomfortable with strap around wrist and screen on top

Trying to be a perfect marriage between smart watch and fitness tracker, Samsung Gearfit gets mixed reviews.
– Comfortable to wear
– Beautiful display
– Super long battery life
– Tracks heart rate, exercise, calorie intake, etc.
– Inaccurate heart rate monitor and pedometer
– Narrow display and small proprietary charger
– No app ecosystem
– No GPS so distance is inaccurate

TIMEX IRONMAN ONE GPS+ $400 (fall 2014)
Looks like a smart watch, but calls itself a sports tracker. Only makes emergency calls, but does house music. Not sure exactly where this crossover lands, but it has got some solid features.
– Standalone device not needing your phone to connect to because it has its own cell signal and connects to AT&Ts wireless network
– Rugged and durable
– Can send alert messages in case you need help or are hurt, great for hikers and backwoods explorers
– Pairs with apps like RunKeeper, Strava and MyFitnessPal
– Water resistant up to 50 meters
– Touchscreen that looks similar to e-readers
– Not very pretty
– No heart rate monitor built in, but can connect via Bluetooth with an external chest strap
– After your first year it’s $40 to keep the AT&T features on
– 8 hour battery life with GPS, if you play music too its 4 hours



***DISCLAIMER: These opinions are based on public reviews and some trial with the devices. This is not meant to be the definitive word on hybrids, but rather a quick guide noting some of the key features to figure out what is best for you personally.

Deload Week 11/17 through 11/22


The CFSLU 3-Year Anniversary/Holiday Social/First Friday is set for 12/5. MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

CrossFit SLU Holiday Pourty 2013 - the dudes

Foundation CrossFit was victorious over CrossFit SLU this weekend, but EVERYONE killed the competition! What inspiring athletes we have representing the entire FCFCFSLU family!

Registration for VERSUS VII is coming soon…

Training on Tap:

– back squat 5×5
– kettlebell wall ball substitute/pullups
– handstand strength development
– EMOM 3-2-1 part pausing snatches
– push press 5×5
– double unders/situps, toe taps/slam ball, burpees/db hang power cleans
– front squat 5×5
– rowing intervals
– still rings
– Trainer’s Choice aka Something “Fun” (TBD)


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Wearable Wednesday: Smart watches

In CrossFit we track our progress: weights used, reps, time, etc. We look to make sure we’re improving and can prove it with numbers. Most of us also have lives outside the gym. Meetings to keep, emails to read and phone calls from our parents. Luckily, smart watches go beyond the functions of a fitness-focused tracker to integrate other lifestyle attributes.

Well the following is a short recap of some of the top rated fitness-integrated smart watches on and coming on the market to help you decide which one is right for your holiday wishlist.

Withings has had a couple fitness trackers to get the tech right, but this is their first foray into the watch-face category.
– Reads blood oxygen levels like the thing that the doctor puts on your finger
– One of the most accurate pedometers on the market, also shows distance traveled and elevation climbed fairly precisely
– Easy to use app, wireless syncing
– Can take it off the band to slip in your pocket, etc.
– Best for someone looking for data-rich insights that’s easy to use and not confusing
– Heart rate and O2 are only measured while standing still
– Screen is not always on
– Not water resistant
– Hard to read in daylight
– Time is shown vertically, but all other features are horizontal

Essentially an accessory that accentuates the functionality of your phone, not specifically fitness focused. But if you’re going for looks, this is a great choice.
– Looks like a watch, not a weird tracker
– Water resistant up to 5 ATM
– Integrates with iPhone and Android control apps on their app store (8 apps at a time limit)
– Bluetooth enabled, accelerometer and gyroscope
– Readable screen in both daylight and night
– Tests show it averages 3 day battery life even with pretty heavy use
– About $100 more than the original Pebble even though it has the same hardware and doesn’t do a ton more
– Heavier than most other watches


Not technically a “smart watch” but a classic mileage, calorie, step calculator for those runners and walkers out there.
– GPS enabled super accurate mileage counter
– Battery life of approx.. 5 days
– Identifies personal records, split times, current pace and integrates with Garmin Connect
– Optional chest-strap heart rate monitor
– Needs a cable to sync
– No bells and whistles like sleep tracking
– Can take a few minutes to find location, and not as accurate where GPS is spotty (aka. Hikes)

Stylish analog-looking watch, combined with slick smart phone features. Not particularly focused on health and fitness, but does pair with phone notifications if you have health apps running on your phone.
– Subtle smartphone alerts while looking like a real watch
– Supports Andriod and iOS devices
– Splashproof, but not waterproof
– Charging Bluetooth and radio requires a proprietary cable
– No “health/fitness” features built in- all relies on your phone

BASIS PEAK (November 2014)
The new model of the Basis B1 band, this smart watch is sleeker and, reportedly, more accurate than ever.
– Optical heart rate monitor: sensors monitor heart rate and skin temperature without the use of a chest strap, which is great for daily use as well as providing richer insights into sleep
– Automatic sensing features: using an advanced accelerometer it sense when you fall asleep, start running, biking, etc. so you don’t have to change mode
– Bluetooth connectivity, obviously
– No mileage tracking: there is no mileage calculation or GPS integration so you know how many miles you’ve gone, just a step tracker. **Although I did speak with their team about this and they said they are trying to integrate that into a future software update
– No heart rate guarantee: there is speculation that heart rate monitoring may not be as accurate during vigorous movement, but rather focused on averages over the whole day
– 4 day batter life?! – that is the claim, but I’m skeptical if it can actually last that long if it is tracking and syncing all the time. We will have to wait and see.

Obviously this goes way beyond a health-focused watch. But there is a health/fitness portion built in and the fact that you can download fitness apps to the watch makes it quite dynamic.
-GPS and wifi: taps into the data coming from your phone to give you specifics on distance, pace, etc.
-Heart rate sensor and accelerometer: tracking total body movement and heart rate without a chest strap
– Activity app: shows exercise and calories like the other, but also shows general movement and standing to give you some extra props for the little things
-Battery life: with all the features comes a lot of battery draining, meaning you’d likely need to charge it at night and not get data on sleep
-iPhone: 1) you need to have an iPhone to really get all of the heft out of this watch and 2) you need to carry it with you all the time to ensure accurate tracking on things like distance and pace

Have you tried a smart watch? Have reviews/personal experiences to add? Are you thinking about getting one, and what do you hope to get out of it?



**** DISCLAIMER: These opinions come from public article reviews and some personal assessment with the devices. This is not meant to be an end-all-be-all for smart watches, rather a guide of key features.

Volume Week 11/10 through 11/15



CrossFit SLU will be closed all day Saturday. Come support your gym!

Training on Tap:
– back squat 5×5
– handstand strength development
- pendlay row 5×5
– pullups 3×8
– kettlebell jerks
– front squat 5×5
– FGB protocol
– Tabata This!

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@ammmery setting a new snatch PR at 63kg #HYFRsquad

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One of our own served along side Ned. We’ll be doing a couple of Hero workouts in honor of Veteran’s Day

Special Agent Nathan “Ned” Schuldheiss, 27, of Newport, Rhode Island, a civilian assigned to the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, Detachment 204 Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, died Nov. 1, 2007 near Balad Air Base, Iraq, of wounds sustained from an improvised-explosive device that struck his vehicle. Schuldheiss is survived by his father, retired Lt. Col. Jeff Schuldheiss; mother, Sarah Conlan; stepfather, Kris Mills; and sister, Erin Dreeszen.


7 rounds for time:
11 back squats, BW/.7BW
1000m row