12 Days of CrossFit: Tripods

We all know how important good form is in all movements we do, particularly Olympic lifting. Also, they’re handy for capturing your first muscle up (right, Teddy Baz?).

Tripods can range from $10 up to expensive. Several have varying settings so you can also use it for a camera, camcorder or smartphone. Here are some of our favorites:

Gorilla bendy legs help you get the perfect angle for filming your first muscle up, right Teddy Baz? The Mobile Grip 2 Universal Holder fits Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and iPhone 5 5S 5C. Some options fit several varieties of phone, some are brand specific so just pay attention when buying. Check out your local electronics store for options. ($20 Akron iPhone/Galaxy/Lumia at Amazon)

A great option for camcorders and phones alike. Straight legs so there’s no bending action. Extends from 5.5 to 8 inches to suit your needs and location. ($10 at BestBuy)

JOBY Original
JOBY is one of the industry leaders, pioneering “gorilla” leg technology. Their grip tight mount is super sturdy so you don’t have to worry about your phone slipping out and cracking the screen. $50 JOBY Gorilla Grip at Apple

JOBY Micropod
Adorable and tiny, the micropod easily fits in your gym bag or sweatshirt pocket. Interchangeable mounting devices make this a great option for small cameras as well. ($20 at REI)

12 Days of CrossFit: So Fresh

Not something we probably want to talk about a lot, but lets be honest – sweaty stuff doesn’t smell good. Here are some great stocking stuffer ideas to keep us all so fresh and so clean, clean.

CrossFITE Hands Tube
Soothes, moisturizes, and maintains your skin before and training whether it’s from power lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, cross training, functional fitness, etc. Specifically designed to absorb quickly, soothe pain, provide maintenance, and stimulate rapid skin recovery. ($16, Skinourishment)

The Soak
Soak MUSCLE is perfect for athletes who need a quick, natural remedy for muscle fatigue. Made with only pure and high quality ingredients, the proprietary blend of Epsom salts, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils is specifically designed for muscle recovery. Soak MUSCLE will relieve soreness, revive tired, aching muscles and rejuvenate your senses. ($25-$40, Soak Fitness)

Portable odor killing for shoes, bags, helmets and gloves. Great to throw in shoes if you take them to work before or after a class. They’re designed to combat moisture and kill odor in all types of wearable gear and activewear caused by perspiration and outdoor elements. ($15-$30, Stuffits)

No Sweat Detergent
For those big loads of sweaty clothes, enter No Sweat. Especially formulated for odor, stains and preserving fabric and fit. Plus it smells really nice. ($37, No Sweat, find local stores on the No Sweat website)

12 Days of CrossFit: DEM LEGS

Calling all laaaaaaadddies!

CGO 14.3_0053

We all know that CrossFit women have crazy strong legs. Sometimes it can be tough to find bottoms to fit all that muscle in. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites from our community.

Old Navy Active
From Nicole B: “A few of you have asked me where I get my workout leggings from… Old Navy! They make really great compression leggings, they’re really affordable, and they stay in place during a workout. Two types that are in my wardrobe now: “BLACKJACK” and “VICTORIAN BLUE
(NOTE: I don’t recommend the “CARBON” colored leggings, as they seem to use a stiffer fabric for those) ($20-$30, Old Navy)

Moving Comfort Urban Gym Tight
From Megan P: “My FAVORITE tight ever. Moving Comfort is a brand by Brooks so they really get running and cross training. The top is a thick non-muffin top liner with several pockets for stowing keys or an ID for a run. They are thick enough that I don’t feel like every curve is outlined, but breathable enough to run in muggy weather.” ($65, Moving Comfort)

Lightweight, fashionable spandex leggings for yoga, running, and other sports. They come in super fun colors and pay particular attention to: high waists to prevent muffin tops and contoured shaping in the crotch region so no sagging or too tightness. ($53, Lineage)

Nike Pro Shorts
From Ann-Marie D: “I like to wear these under sweatpants so I’m super warm by the time I start a workout! They have different lengths so those with thick thighs can choose between shorty shorts riding up or longer shorts staying put. I prefer in between.” ($28, Nike)


If you have visited our friends at Lululemon Pacific Place this month, you may have noticed their cool December event the 12 Days of Sweat.


Put down the to-do list and let’s live in the moment! Join us for #12daysofsweat throughout the month of December with some of our favorite studios, classes, and instructors all over Seattle. Every class is completely free, so bring a friend and come sweat with us!

– Tuesday 12/16 | 6pm | Run Club: Lisa Cartwright | 3 mile run- meet at lululemon athletica Pacific Place
- Wednesday 12/17 | 6:30-7:30pm | CrossFit SLU: HellaFit | Andrew Bueno
- Thursday 12/18 | 6:30-7:30pm | Foundation CrossFit: HellaFit | Andrew Bueno
– Saturday 12/20 | 9:45-11:00am | Be Luminous Yoga | Nicole Tsong
– Saturday 12/20 | 1:30-2:30pm | Flybarre | Anja Kellner-Rodgers **pre-registration required by email
– Sunday 12/21 | 2:00-2:45pm | Flywheel | Alex Sweeney **pre-registration required by email

Questions? Email pacificplace-store@lululemon.com or call 206.682.1286.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.57.32 AM

Questions? Email pacificplace-store@lululemon.com or call 206.682.1286.

Check out the facebook event here.


“Recording artist Rick Ross has taken up CrossFit, and the 38-year-old rapper says training and an improved diet have benefitted him in several ways.

“Being in better shape, it affects everything,” Ross says. “Of course your health. Of course your psyche, your confidence.”

Ross recently released his seventh album, “Hood Billionaire,” and he’s up for a pair of Grammy Awards for his work on two other projects. Trainer Garret Fisher, fifth-place finisher at the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games, says Ross’ progress fires him up.

“Every day when we work out, (Ross) definitely pushes his limits … and it shows,” Fisher says.

As a frequent traveler, Ross has limited opportunities to work out and appreciates CrossFit’s intensity and minimal time commitment.

“We come out here, we get it in, we feel good,” Ross says of his training, which takes place primarily in his backyard.

Watch as CrossFit Inc. journalist Sevan Matossian follows Ross, who says he uses CrossFit to start each day “like a boss.”

Video by Sevan Matossian.”