Deload Week 10/20 through 10/25

We ran the nation-wide Festivus Games at CrossFit SLU this past weekend. What a fun event! Kelsey A was in the ladies intermediate, Steve H and James S from CFSLU competed in the mens intermediate division, along with Markham M and Nate M of FCF. Margot W of FCF competed and podium’ed her first competition!

Festivus Games Seattle 2014

Save the dates!

+ 10/31 – WeWork x FCFCFSLU Halloween Party (click for details)
+ 11/01 – Double Under Clinic @ 12PM at CFSLU
+ 11/07 – NW Fitmeals sampling (CFSLU)
+ 11/15 – VERSUS VI @ FCF
+ 11/21 – CrossFit SLU’s 3 Year Anniversary Workout & Party! 6PM workout only, party to follow!
+ 12/05 – CrossFit SLU Holiday Party
+ 12/12 – Foundation CrossFit Holiday Party
+ 12/16: Paramount Barbell Weightlifting & Movement Seminar at CrossFit SLU.

Marissa Luchau of Morgan Junction CrossFit set ANOTHER world record this past Saturday:

Check her out on Evening Magazine later tonight!

Training on tap:
– back squat 15×1
– double under/”weighted” situp (FCF)
– row/slam ball (CFSLU)
– last day doing still rings!
– deadlift/hang power clean/jerk complex
– jerk 8×2
– front squat 15×1
– turkish get-up/midline/catch

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#ThrowbackThursday: Donkey Kong Ropes Course

The conclusion of Cretus Ex Duellem 2012 for the individuals was a workout that Jesse W called “Donkey Kong”.

He left the course up for a few days after and Paolo and I went to visit and try it out:

The workout was:

for time:
15′ thick rope climb
switch to neighboring rope
15′ rope climb
swing to rings
15′ rope climb
switch to neighboring rope
15′ thick rope climb
and work back!

The kicker was that if your feet hit the ground during the ropes you had 15 burpees to do then and there.

If you completed the ropes you had a homemade Kieser sled within the 12-minute time limit!

Festivus Games 2014 – Seattle


See you guys this Saturday morning at CrossFit SLU (411 Fairview – Alley, Seattle, WA 98108. Our place is tricky to find if you’ve never been- we are located within the alley that runs from Harrison to Republican between Fairview and Boren. We do not have a parking lot so you’ll have to search for 10-hour parking or a nearby parking lot (the nearby buildings have plenty). 2-hour parking is available on the closest streets, but you’ll have to re-up over and over.

Our facility has two bathrooms, changing rooms, cubbies, a mezzanine, and plenty of room for spectating. The floor will be marked off for athletes. There will also be a warmup area with copious amounts of weight.

First off, our schedule of events:

Schedule of Events


Now for the workouts. Note: we use the metric system in our facility. YOU WILL BE LIFTING IN KILOS!

For more information please visit the official Festivus Games website.


2k row for time

– Athlete may choose any damper setting they like.
– The monitors must be set to count down the 2k row for an exact time.




as many reps as possible in 10 minutes:
30 burpees-over-bar
30 back squats, 30/20kg
10 ab-mat situps


as many reps as possible in 10 minutes:
50 burpees-over-bar
30 back squats, 43/30kg
10 toes-to-bar

– Athletes do not have to jump the bar for the burpees! Stepping over the barbell is legal.
– Chest must touch the ground every burpee.
– Barbell must start on ground for back squats- no racks permitted for use.
– Basic squat standards apply.
– Both feet must touch the bar for the t2b.
– Feet must pass the vertical plane of the bar the athlete hangs from.
– Hands must touch ground behind head at the beginning of the ab-mat situp.
– Hands must touch feet for the situp to count. Feet may not be anchored.



establish a 5RM deadlift within 6 minutes

– Conventional deadlift standards apply: knees and hips are fully extended with shoulders behind the bar.
– Reps are touch-and-go. The weight must not rest on the ground between reps.
– The athlete can “rest” as long as they want, as long as the weight is not on the ground.
– The athlete is responsible for loading the bar.
– There is no limit on the number of attempts in 6 minutes.
– There will be a warmup area so you can get close to your numbers prior to your event heat.
– Athlete must reset to an empty bar at the conclusion of their 6 minutes.



The Top 5 in each division will participate in the FINAL:

___________ for ____:


Finally, the heats.

Novice Ladies:


Intermediate Ladies:





The Bamboo Bar

From the infamous Westside Barbell:

“And it does its job with the utmost precision; conducting and targeting kinetic energy to the shoulders, elbows, biceps and lower back to heal and strengthen stabilizing muscles and allowing for healthy joint function.

For Powerlifters and everyday workout enthusiasts, the benefits are amazing. The bar literally bullet-proofs the joint by building maximum strength, balance and above all, flexibility like no other piece of equipment on earth. This makes it the number one ‘go-to’ apparatus for preventative injury training or prehab.”

To read more (and learn a ton) check out the rest of the article at the Westside Barbell website.

* We use our Hyperlite bars + super light bands + kettlebells

VERSU6 Events 1 & 2

Event 1: Total Kilos Lifts

establish a 1RM of each of the following lifts:
– jerk (no rack)
– hang clean
– deadlift

Event 2: Total Reps Earned

1 minute per station for max total reps:
– shoulder-to-overhead, 30/20kg
– box jump, 24/20″
– shoulder-to-overhead, 43/30kg
– double unders
– shoulder-to-overhead, 61/43kg

Volume Week: 10/13 through 10/18

* * * ATTENTION * * *

This Saturday 10/18 CrossFit SLU will be closed as we will be hosting the Festivus Games, which you can still sign up for here.

CrossFit SLU athletes: this means you can attend the 9am, 10am, and 11am classes at Foundation CrossFit.

Volume week means one thing: HELLA REPS!

FCF frsq elizabeth_0023How’s everyone feeling after JT?

Get your fish oil and water (for recovery), bath salts and bed (for rest/relaxation), and bands and roller out (for mobility) and get into it!



Training on Tap:

– back squats 12×2 EMOM
– thruster/burpee
– still rings
– FIGHT GONE BETTER: volume variant
– bench press, bamboo bar
– kettlebell jerks
– front squat 12×2 EMOM
– kettlebell swings/knees-to-elbows
– Runny “ISABEL”
– Team “CHIEF”
– and we’re in Week 6 of the 8-Week Pullup strength program!

Salute The Studio_0013


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Still Rings:

15 Year Old Girl Snatches 95kg:

Finally, our friend Nate Helming on Barbell Shrugged!